Purchasing Vintage Clothes

Update August, 2008: Due to some unfortunate medical problems that Lori is suffering from, we find that we are going to have to start selling off some of the collection to help pay medical bills. We will be adding PayPal Buy Now buttons to items that we are interested in selling. This may take some time, and we will also try to label those items that aren't for sale or that have already been sold.

If you need more descriptions and photos of a garment you are interested in, please contact Matt

Occasionally we receive emails asking how or if one can purchase the clothes exhibited on this web site. One rather rude lady even titled her email "Terrible Web Site" and then the whole text of her inquiry was "How do I buy a dress?" She seemed to be missing the concept that not everything on the Internet is for sale. In a way that's a sad statement of the direction the web has taken.

Matt started designing web pages in 1996, when the web wasn't the commercial monster that it has become. Instead it was mostly made up of pages that individuals put together to express their passion on a subject. Matt was impressed with the amount of knowledge that people put out there because they wanted others to know the same stuff. Inspired, he thought about creating a web site of his own for a group of old house owners. You can visit his first web site at vpa.org.

In 1999, Matt made web design his full time profession, starting his own company, Aesthetic Design & Photography. Even though he often spends 8 hours a day or more coding web pages for clients, he still enjoys putting together sites where he doesn't have to answer to a client's whims. So this site and a few others are a way for Matt to express his creativity, and share knowledge at the same time.

He hopes you appreciate this effort. Currently this web site has over 100 pages and over 900 images, so have fun poking around. Come back too, because we're always adding to the site. If you absolutely must have something you see in the collection, you can make Lori an offer, but it had better be a really good offer, because at this point most of the items just aren't for sale.

If you have an interest in building your own collection, we suggest you look at some of the commercial sites on our vintage clothing links page, check out Ebay, or scour your local antiques stores and garage sales. Happy hunting!

Interested in purchasing what you see here?