Victorian Women's Ensembles

These are all garments where we have the matching bodice and skirt.

1840 Organza Bodice & Skirt

1840s Organza Ensemble

Features day & evening bodices and matching skirt. New silk petticoat.

1860 Black Silk Bodice & Skirt

1860s Black Silk Ensemble

Matching bodice & skirt that features blue and silver embroidery.

1877 Cream Linen Bodice &  Skirt

1877 Cream Linen Ensemble

Bodice & bustle skirt.

1890s Black & Champagne Bodice & Skirt

1890s Black & Champagne Ensemble

Bodice, double layer skirt and cotton petticoat.

1898 White Cotton Bodice & Skirt

1898 White Cotton Ensemble

Extensive soutache trim.

1898 Wine Silk Bodice & Skirt

1898 Wine Ensemble

Exquisite beading detail.

1900 Black Silk Bodice & Skirt

1900 Black Silk Ensemble

Beautiful embroidery details.

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