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May 2005

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Mon, May. 2, 2005 - Ferndale Cemetery

Ferndale Cemetery

Finally got a day with a clear sky to photograph the cemetery while the rhododendrons are in bloom. We have a large shot in our gallery that I took several years ago. A while back I overheard a couple admiring it, and the guy said they should go up to the cemetery because he could take a shot just like that. He didn't realize he needed to be here the week the rhodendrons are in full bloom, and then wait around for a day so clear that you can watch the waves break at Centerville.

Fri, May. 6, 2005 - Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo

Actually, yesterday was Cinco De Mayo, but this parade doesn't really happen until tomorrow, the 7th. Confused? We'll I didn't have anything for today. If you've seen the snake photos, you might recognize the rider on the right, Katherine, and on the left is her sister, Shannon.

Sat, May. 7, 2005 - Another Path You Could Take

Another Path You Could Take

After finishing the four paths in the herb garden, we still had a half a trailer full of crushed granite. So we started working on a path from the driveway to the back deck. We got about a third done before running out of gravel. Since this path will also connect with one going along the side of the house, and another going back to the propane tank, we're going to need several more trailer loads. It will be really nice having this path done, especially when winter rolls around again. It also sections off the garden into several more manageable areas, creating a couple of areas where weeds can be strictly forbidden.

Sun, May. 8, 2005 - Planting Herbs

Planting Herbs

After recycling the parts of the old front fence into raised beds, Lori and I started planting the herbs and other plants that she started from seeds this winter. I also went to a couple of plant shows and picked up a few plants such as some delphineums, larkspur, and one plant that has a licorice smell to it, but isn't anise.

Mon, May. 9, 2005 - They're Back

They're Back

While some family members discourage our fine feathered friends from nesting on their house, we have accepted that it is easier to just go with it and clean up the mess the make. The only real downside is that on the rare occasions when we actually use the front door, we get dive bombed by some over protective swallows. But in a few weeks they'll be gone, and then we can just go back to worrying about spiders taking over the house.

Tue, May. 10, 2005 - Ferndale Cemetery Panorama

Ferndale Cemetery Panorama

This photo was taken the same day as the earlier one this month, but I finally got around to stitching it together on the computer. It is actually 5 photos that have been put together to provide the almost 180 degree view of Ferndale.

Wed, May. 11, 2005 - Version 3

Version 3

Well after working on it for over a year, my new Aesthetic Design and Photography web site is up and running. Two problems: First, it suffered from "The plumber's house has leaky pipes" syndrome. Second, it was a moving target. I was using the redesign to learn about CSS, XHTML, HTML 4.1 and a bunch of other new stuff. For you the user, you don't care about all this, but trust me, it's the latest stuff in the web design world. As I was doing the update I kept learning new things so I would go back and start updating the site again, getting caught in a never ending loop. There was one problem that I just couldn't find the answer to, so I finally redesigned around it and decided to go ahead and finish it. Then a few days after doing that, I found the solution I was looking for. So it looks like version 4.0 will be coming soon. Or maybe not, given how long it took me to work on version 3. The main reason for the Version 3 design was to separate the layout from the content, so further changes in the design can be done on one stylesheet page rather than on all the individual pages. That gets important now that the site is over 150 pages.

Sun, May. 15, 2005 - Weed Project From Hell

Weed Project From Hell

Last fall we dug up and transplanted some iris and dianellas and moved them into this spot near the driveway. Then winter came and the weeds invaded like crazy, and by the time it got to weather where we could go out in the garden, these plants had entirely disappeared under a thick mat of horsetails and other weeds. It was so hopeless I didn't even think about tackling them, instead concentrating on other projects around the garden. One day after work I came home to find Lori weeding this section, so I joined in. For a week, we tackled it every evening after work and spent hours on it the next weekend. Finally we had reclaimed the entire patch. So rather than losing it again to nature, we took Melody's advice, and covered the area with newspaper, and then with shredded bark. A week later it's still looking pretty good, which given the tenacity of the horsetails, is pretty amazing.

Sat, May. 21, 2005 - Red Hot Pokers

Red Hot Pokers

Every spring the Ferndale Fire Department does a donation drive and we go door to door both in town and out in the country. I've been using the drive as an excuse to collect plants. This week while picking up a Tower of Jewels, I noticed a large patch of Red Hot Pokers. I stopped to inquire if I could take some, and the owners were more than happy to get rid of some since they were going to dig some up anyways. So Lori and I came back the next day and filled up our trailer with them. Then we put them in the back yard along the back fence. Hopefully when they fill in they will be an effective weed barrier from that direction.

The area that I rototilled in front of them is going to be planted with artichokes, pumpkins, cantaloupes, sunflowers, and a few other things. This is just a temporary use of this space but it should be fun.

Sun, May. 22, 2005 - Katherine


Saturday was probably the most gorgeous day we had in Ferndale this year, and the weather forecast promised even warmer temps for today. Which was good news because I had two photoshoots planned for the day. Haley still owed me some time so we were going to go to the beach along the Lost Coast, and then later I had a shoot scheduled with Katherine in Loleta.

I woke up at 4:00am to the sound of water dripping. I thought maybe it was just a heavy fog dripping off the roof, but when I got up I found that it was raining. About 11:00 it started clearing up so I checked the weather forecast online to take a look at the radar pics. When I got to the page for Ferndale, there was a local flood warning flashing on the screen. How could this be when it was only a very light rain for a few hours? Well it turns out that the 2-3 foot swells that I saw on the beach yesterday had turned into 15-18 foot swells due to the winds picking up. So not a good day to be photographing in the tide pools, and the first shoot was cancelled. The second shoot was at 5pm, and by then the clouds had cleared but it remained a bit cold and windy. We got through the first part of the shoot but called it quits early. I was hoping to shoot until sunset, but it didn't look like it was going to be an interesting sunset, and the wind was too much to work in. So maybe more of Katherine later this week if the weather cooperates.

Tue, May. 24, 2005 - Coming to a theater soon

Coming to a theater soon

Well the weather did cooperate, and we had a chance to finish the shoot with Katherine that we started earlier. When I showed this shot to someone in town they thought it looked like a movie poster. So if someone in Hollywood is making a sexy western action movie that has a female star and they're in need of a killer shot for a poster, here it is. (Under fair disclosure, I have to admit this shot has been Photoshopped. The sunset that evening just wasn't very interesting, so I took liberties with a few of them.)

Wed, May. 25, 2005 - White Mountain Sunset in Loleta

White Mountain Sunset in Loleta

This photo of Katherine is another bit of Photoshop trickery. Last summer during our trip to the White Mountains, I photographed some real pretty sunset pictures of the ancient bristlecone trees silhouetted against the sky. I also took some pictures of just the sky in case I ever needed a killer sunset to merge with another photo. So this photo presented just that opportunity. The silhouette, sun and hills come from the shot in Loleta, and the sky and clouds are from the White Mountain shot.

Thu, May. 26, 2005 - Katherine Revealed

Katherine Revealed

So after seeing two silhouettes of Katherine, I thought it would be nice to show a picture where you can actually see her. Two of her in fact.

Fri, May. 27, 2005 - Ricky's New Toy

Ricky's New Toy

A few weeks ago this kitten started showing up in our yard when we were out gardening. Then we would come home to find it playing out in the yard with Ricky. Soon they were unseparable. I think Ricky is really happy to have someone to fight with. He's been out of luck since Galen passed away, because Meg usually fights back for real, and Trevor doesn't understand Ricky wants to be his friend because Trevor is such a scaredy cat. Now this cat (who has up to this point remaned unamed) has figured out the kitty door, and invites himself in quite often. Until we find out if any of the neighbors own him, I'm resistant to say he's ours, but Lori is getting pretty attached to our latest visitor.

Sat, May. 28, 2005 - Unwieldy


Today was the start of the 37th annual Kinetic Sculpture Race. The machined pictured here was new this year and was unlike any other machine we've ever seen. It became an instant hit during the braking test and I only wish I had a video to show you rather than a still photo. The two riders are suspended between two huge wheels, and when they stopped, the wheels stopped, but the carriage still kept going so that they started swinging back and forth under it. Pretty cool to watch, and it quickly became the crowd favorite. I'm pretty sure it's going to win the best engineering award this year.

Sun, May. 29, 2005 - There's something oddly familiar about this bike

There's something oddly familiar about this bike

Derek's KLR650 finally made it up to Ferndale this weekend, but only after Derek sold it to my friend Blake. After watching the race start in Arcata yesterday, Blake and I headed up 299 and then route 1. 34 miles up route 1 we were shut down by snow, so we had to form a plan B route. This took us a lot longer than our original plan, but it was excellent riding. We finally arrived back home about 8:30pm just as the last rays of a beautiful sunset disappeared. Sorry you missed out on this little brother.

Mon, May. 30, 2005 - Humboldt Bunny

Humboldt Bunny

The Humboldt Lumberjack band came into Ferndale (minus Lori Ann Crist, who was attending Arthur's graduation at home) for the finish of the Kinetic Sculpture race. It was a typical overcast Ferndale morning, for which I'm sure this guy was grateful. Even so I saw him pull the head of the costume off after a couple of songs, and he appeared to be trying to get sweat soaked fur off of his face. Didn't look too comfortable.

Tue, May. 31, 2005 - Badge of Courage

Badge of Courage

Blake and I ended up riding about 400 miles together this weekend, much of it on gravel and dirt roads. On his arrival I noticed that Derek had never really used his bike to its full potential because the license plate was still in pristine condition. See the KLR650 has a design flaw that when the suspension gets fully compressed, the license plate gets caught on the rear tire and the plate either gets mangled or ripped off completely. I lost my license plate in Alaska, and had to retrace my path to find it, and the plate on my current KLR got mangled twice before I got smarter and just bent the whole thing out of the way. On the second day of our ride, Blake finally got the Badge of Courage, and he was proud to take this photo.