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April 2001

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Sun, Apr. 1, 2001 - Sheila modeling an 1860s gown

Sheila modeling an 1860s gown

Yesterday we photographed some of Lori's vintage clothes on a model. Her name is Sheila and I found her working in the career department at the junior college while I was trying to find out how to go about posting an ad looking for models. Little did I realize I would find the perfect model working in the office. The photographs were taken at Larry Martin's house, a very accurate Victorian restoration here in Ferndale.

Tue, Apr. 3, 2001 - Mowing the lawn

Mowing the lawn

Here I am mowing the lawn again. If the garden grows anything like this lawn, we'll have some amazing vegetables. Since it's been raining quite a bit every few days it's been hard to mow the lawn when it's dry, but you just can't wait too long up here. It must grow about 2" every week. It never looks that bad until I start mowing and then I'm amazed at how much it has grown since the last time. Once it warms up a bit I may have to go to a twice weekly schedule. Sure glad I have the rider.

Wed, Apr. 4, 2001 - Ricky & Fred

Ricky & Fred

Fred's getting pretty mellow in his old age. He's finally figured out that people aren't that scary and our last few visitors have been able to pet and play with him. He also seems to play with the boys more, although he always has a nasty word for Meg if she is too close to him. In today's picture he shows that he's even willing to share his coveted spot in the sun.

Lori's new vintage fashion site is up, check it out! We'll be adding more pictures as they are taken.

Fri, Apr. 6, 2001 - Mabel's Diner (exterior)

Mabel's Diner (exterior)

Last night I couldn't sleep and so I decided to get back up and I was surpised to see it was so light out side. Full moon out so I grabbed my cameras and went into town to take pictures from about midnite to 1:45. Got some interesting pictures of some of the buildings around town.

Sorry Derek & Jasna, and Carol & John, but we found new Pinochle partners in town. They showed us how to play double deck Pinochle which was confusing at first but we eventually caught on. The couple we played with is Carol and Henry, who I met when I took the pictures of the bulls in the flood plain last month. They are very nice and have volunteered to be our stand-in grandparents.

Sat, Apr. 7, 2001 - Mabel's Diner (interior)

Mabel's Diner (interior)

Today's picture shows the interior of Mabel's Diner. Not only is it an exterior set, but they also use it to shoot scenes in, although it's hard to picture how they get all the crew and equipment in there and still have room for the actors. The set is so realistic that when tourists come in on the weekends, they have been known to walk up to it and comment that it looks like they can't eat there because the diner is closed.

They've finished filming the Majestic in its dilapidated state and so they started "renovating" it this week. If only real renovations were that easy.

Sun, Apr. 8, 2001 - Bear River Road

Bear River Road

This morning it cleared up a little so I decided to go explore Bear River Road, which runs on the ridge of the hills that our house overlooks. I was surprised to find out that it had snowed up there last night. It made for a very pretty ride, so when I got home I took Lori and some friends through the same area in our truck. Unfortunately, in just the hour difference, much of the snow had melted.

Mon, Apr. 9, 2001 - Small & smaller

Small & smaller

Just to make Derek happy, we will be featuring cows all week. This couple was taken up on Bear River Road, on my Sunday ride. We also found out where Jim Carrey is staying in town, and it's only three houses down the street from us. Of course that makes it about a 1/4 of a mile away.

Tue, Apr. 10, 2001 - Got Milk?

Got Milk?

Property taxes were due today. Too bad I forgot about them until the news mentioned them, a couple of hours after the Post Office closed.

Wed, Apr. 11, 2001 - Sand Pirates of the Sahara

Sand Pirates of the Sahara

I know I promised cows all week, but our ratings were crashing. It appears that cows aren't as popular as some family members led us to believe. Besides we had this wonderful opportunity to see the Majestic all lit up. I'm printing up this picture and several others to be used as a fundraiser for the real theatre in town.

Fri, Apr. 13, 2001 - Mr. James Whitmore

Mr. James Whitmore

Tonight Lori and I went to the premier of the latest play at the Ferndale Rep. James Whitmore was there so we got to meet him after the play at the champagne (or in my case Martinelli's) reception. Mr. Whitmore continues to display his class. After the play it was late and he needed to get back to Eureka, but he didn't want to leave until he got to meet and thank the actors for their fine performances. He and his wife did a good job of blending in with the locals. Unless you knew he was in town you would have just thought it was some guy that looked like him. There was absolutely no indication he was somebody famous. I thought that was pretty cool.

Sat, Apr. 14, 2001 - Completed Town Hall

Completed Town Hall

Today's picture is the Town Hall in its completed state. If you need a reminder of how it started, here's the picture of the US Bank building in early February. The last detail was the "bronze" statue of the veteran that was placed in front. Actually the statue was made of plastic and could easily be carried by several guys, so they remove it when they aren't actually around filming.

Tue, Apr. 17, 2001 - Freddie working on his tan

Freddie working on his tan

When you're a cat and you get to be 16 years old, your day consists primarily of various modes of inactivity. Freddie spends most of his day sleeping on the back of the futon, but there's a period during the early morning hours where the sun comes into the kitchen and creates a nice warm spot on the floor. During those precious minutes, that's where you'll usually find Fred.

Lori and I received the piece of mail we've been waiting for today. We (actually I, since it's a men's club) have been accepted into membership of the Ingomar Club. This is the club that owns the Carson Mansion in Eureka, the coolest Victorian ever made out of lumber. So when you come to visit, try to make sure you're here on a Friday, and bring something nice to wear.

Wed, Apr. 18, 2001 - Wind Damage

Wind Damage

When we start looking at alternative energy sources here in Ferndale, we may lean towards wind power rather than solar. Sometimes the house moves similar to a small earthquake during really violent wind gusts. Such as we had yesterday. So strong it snapped a few big branches off one of the big trees in the back yard. I hope the tree makes it but it's leaning rather precariously. Fortunately it's not leaning toward the house. Looks like I'll be shopping for a chain saw real soon. Hmm, where is that recent issue of Consumer Reports?

Thu, Apr. 19, 2001 - #$%! Robin

#$%! Robin

Dad and Derek chase squirrels. Lori and I have a particular robin on our hit list. We're not sure if it is always the same robin, but if all robins were this stupid, they wouldn't exist anymore. First we had one that was infatuated with the bathroom window. It would continually fly into it, trying to attack itself when it saw its reflection. Sometimes we would find blood on the window. Now when we hear it we let the cats sit in the bathroom window. They seem to enjoy the show and the robin usually leaves.

Then it discovered the mirrors on the Del Sol. It would sit on them all day, and occassionally try to attack the bird it saw in that reflection. That didn't bother me so much except that it seems to have a problem controlling its bowel movements when it goes into attack mode, and consequently there would be huge guano deposits all over the door. We would wash the car daily and it got so bad I took to driving the truck into town because I was too embarrassed to be seen driving the guano-mobile.

Lori suggested covering the mirrors so she made cute little covers for them that you can see in the picture. That worked really well for about a day until the robin discovered that the truck has mirrors too. So now the truck has cute little covers for its mirrors.

End of problem? No, the @#$%! robin decided it would be too easy to give up and go poop on someone else's car. Now it spends its whole day back at the Del Sol, sitting on top of it and pooping all over the back of it. We're going shopping for covers for the Del Sol and the Dakota, and possibly a b.b. gun for the robin.

Fri, Apr. 20, 2001 - Looks like a good KLR road

Looks like a good KLR road

Here's the end of Williams Creek Rd., which is what Rose Ave turns into on the other side Grizzly Bluff. I took this sign to mean that I was riding on an unimproved county road. A couple of residents at the end of the road informed me that it means it is their private road from that point and chased me out. I think they must be growing pot.

Mon, Apr. 23, 2001 - Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore*

Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore*

Lupines are out in force right now and they are one of my favorite wildflowers. This particular bunch was on Williams Creek Rd., before you get to the suspected pot growers.
*Monty Python reference

Tue, Apr. 24, 2001 - Fresh Country Air

Fresh Country Air

Yesterday was a gorgeous spring day, first really sunny day this month. So we opened up all the windows and aired out the house. The cats all appreciated having the windows open and there was much competition to get the best spots.

I just found out a few minutes ago that Grandma and her friend Linda are spending another night at the Gingerbread, courtesy of Linda. I had to go out of town today so they spent the day with Lori in Ferndale. I only saw them for a few minutes during dinner and then we had a short time to play pinochle before they went back to the inn. I guess they also decided that they are leaving tomorrow, and I didn't even get to take any pictures of them while they were here.

Sorry about the screw up if you tuned in earlier today. Did the update late last night and obviously was too tired to do it correctly. If you don't know what I'm refering to, forget I ever mentioned it.

Thu, Apr. 26, 2001 - The Final Shot

The Final Shot

Shooting for The Majestic in Ferndale finished up at 3:00 this morning. At 9:00 this morning I was walking down Main Street by myself. It seemed really weird but I'm going to like having our quiet town back. By 9:30 the crews were already packing up the diner and the theatre. I guess I'll have to go back to taking pictures of cows now.

Sat, Apr. 28, 2001 - Giant Marshmellows

Giant Marshmellows

Few people realize it, but besides being a dairy town, Ferndale is the world's largest producer of giant marshmellows.

Sun, Apr. 29, 2001 - Mussels Anyone?

Mussels Anyone?

Ok, they aren't really marshmellows, it's the way they wrap hay. They also make some really huge hay sausages around here, I'll try to remember to take a picture of one of those next time I see one out in the fields.

Today we were invited to the first big ranching social event of the year, a big mussel feed and barbeque in Capetown, which is on the Lost Coast. It featured a huge potluck, barbequed tri-tip, and lot's of desserts, but the main feature was the mussels. This is the trailer pretty much after people were done eating, and they downed a lot of mussels. I was brave and tried two. The first one was pretty small and very gritty from sand, but not too bad after dipping it in the sauce. So I tried another one that was larger. Bad mistake. This one I actually had to chew, and that texture was almost enough to make me barf. So I went back to eating the deviled eggs.

Mon, Apr. 30, 2001 - Yuck!


Here's a close up of what a mussel looks like in case you haven't had the pleasure of eating one. I'm kind of amazed that I ate two of these, but after eating bull's testicles, I figured I could handle mussels. I much prefered the bull's testicles.