Dressing the Late 19th Century Woman

Victorian Drawers


The most defining garment of the Victorian period is the corset. Although it like most other garments evolved as styles changed, it was the shape altering power of the corset that brought the curves to Victorian fashion. The Victorian corset pictured is actually a bit late for the rest of the outfit, but it is the nicest corset in the collection, and it was a better fit for Chelsea than the earlier corsets in the collection.

  1. Drawers
  2. Chemise
  3. Corset
  4. Petticoat
  5. Corset Cover
  6. Bustle
  7. Underskirt
  8. Skirt
  9. Bodice
  10. Bodice (back)
  11. Capelet
  12. Hat, Parasol & Fan

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