Dressing the Late 19th Century Woman



The next garment to be worn over the drawers was a chemise. The chemise protected the skin from the corset, and protected the corset from the skin as well. It was much easier to launder the chemise than the corset, and it was much cheaper to replace. Around the turn of the century, the drawers and the chemise were combined into one garment, called the combo. It provided just as much modesty, with fewer layers.

  1. Drawers
  2. Chemise
  3. Corset
  4. Petticoat
  5. Corset Cover
  6. Bustle
  7. Underskirt
  8. Skirt
  9. Bodice
  10. Bodice (back)
  11. Capelet
  12. Hat, Parasol & Fan

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