Last night we had dinner with some friends, who, like us, have had their marriage tested by health problems. In their case, one of them has had several strokes and has a hard time speaking. So at dinner we had one person that couldn’t talk, one person that couldn’t hear, and two husbands trying their best to interpret for them.

It did make me realize how lucky I am though. Even though the last couple of years have been a real trial for Lori and I, they are problems that we are working through, and in time we hope we regain some sense of normalcy. As I write this at 9:28pm, we are about 8 hours away from starting the process that will turn mild, docile Lori, into a true bionic woman.

No, she won’t be able to out run freight trains, or lift cars off of people, but early tomorrow morning we will be making our way back to Stanford Hospital, where surgeons will install her two cochlear implants. What a bad little gene took away, modern science will return.

It won’t be instantaneous, and it won’t be back to normal, but I’m looking forward to Lori’s return to the hearing world. I sure thank the scientists who not only dreamed of such a device, but all the researchers and programmers who continually strive to improve their effectiveness.