1999 Triumph Sprint ST

Sprint ST

Late in 1998 I made the decision that it was time to retire the Katana. I was really looking forward to seeing the new Suzuki SV650. Delays in its arrival, and the fact that the U.S. version didn't include the fairing, made me start looking at alternatives. In Feburary of 1999, I took a day off from work and test rode three motorcycles. I first went to Milpitas Honda and test rode a SuperHawk, and then a VFR800. I really liked the SuperHawk, but I don't think it would be a great touring bike. After riding the VFR800, I thought I had found my next bike. Later that day, I went up to Cal BMW/Triumph to take a test ride on the new Sprint ST which I had been collecting every review of. After the test ride I knew that Triumph had dethroned the VFR as the best sports touring motorcycle. I felt perfectly at home after coming off of the Katana, but it had the torque that I really had been missing in my last ride. The picture above shows the bike sitting outside the dealer the day I picked it up. It doesn't have any of the accessories added yet.

Track Day

In September '99 I took the Sprint up to Thunderhill Park for a Triumph Trackday. While the majority of the riders were on Daytonas, there were three of us on Sprints. That's me on the far right coming though turn 13.

(Photo by Chris Van Andel)

If you have the Quicktime VR plugin, you can view the group at Thunderhill Park.

View from the cockpit
A view from the cockpit.

Below you can see what it looks like with the Triumph 3 bag setup installed.

QuickTime VR Panorama of Mount Hamilton

June 24th, 2000

To pan the image left or right, click and drag your mouse in the image in the direction you wish to view. To zoom in press the Shift Key, and to zoom out, press the Control key.

Sprints in a row
6 Sprints in a row. The faster red ones are preferred, 2 to 1.

Color Your Sprint

Here's a photoshop file that you can use to virtually paint your Triumph Sprint St along with some examples I created. The file has three layers. The first layer is the silver Sprint. Use this one if you want the finished color to be lighter. The second layer is the green Sprint. Use this one if you want a darker color. The third layer is a Hue/Saturation mask that you can use to change the Hue, Saturation and Lightness of the underlying layers.

color-your-sprint.psd (1.7M Photoshop 6 file)

PurpleTriumph  Sprint ST Orange Triumph Sprint ST Yellow Triumph Sprint ST Silver & Green Triumph Sprint ST

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