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    Lori's Costumes

    Lori has been costuming since she was a little girl, her Barbie was an early subject. Since then she has worked in several costume shops, and worked for the San Jose Civic Light Opera. The costumes featured below are her personal costumes, and were mostly worn at VPA or GBACG events.
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    1842 day dress costume 1842 day dress costume

    1842 Day Dress

    Grey velveteen with black braid, worn over reproduction ruffled petticoat. Design based on an original garment in the Victoria and Albert Museum.
    1864 day dress costume 1864 day dress costume

    1864 Day Dress

    White cotton bodice with wine velvet bretelle corselet over a jacquard skirt, with crinoline underneath. Design from Godey's Lady's Book.
    1883 day dress costume 1883 day dress costume

    1883 Day Dress

    Blue/Black striped bodice with velvet trim and tails, worn over a draped bustle skirt. Underneath is a bustle pad and petticoat with ruffles down the back. Design from Butterick catalog.
    1902 day dress costume 1902 day dress costume

    1902 Day Dress

    White cotton dress, bodice has pin tucking and ribbon trim. Design of the bodice was based upon a photo of Lori's Great Aunt and the skirt was based on a picture in the 1902 Sears catalogue.


    White CorsetWhite Corset

    Arabian Nights

    Arabian Nights
    These two costumes were made for a GBACG "Arabian Nights" event.

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