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May 2007

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Tue, May. 1, 2007 - Ditch Digging

Ditch Digging

After several days of digging through almost solid rock I finished the trench for the power supply to the water pump. I also decided to run a water line into the greenhouse to make it more convenient to water plants in there. If you're wondering about the lack of window panels in the greenhouse it's because they blew out during the winter so we removed them. I also need to secure the greenhouse to the cement so it doesn't blow around. So once it is secured, we'll try putting the panels back in. We bought the wood for securing the base, but it was so wet we couldn't cut it. So we're waiting for the wood to dry before proceeding.

Wed, May. 2, 2007 - Iris


As mentioned before, the iris bloom this year was outstanding. We have several patches around the yard as I've divided them several times since we moved here. But we've never got a display like this before. Curiously, each patch has one rebel iris. In this patch there is one lavendar solid color plant among all the bicolors. Another patch has a solid purple rebel.

Fri, May. 4, 2007 - Listen to Your Intuition

Listen to Your Intuition

Lori had a business meeting with some Pacific Rim clients in Santa Cruz so we decided to trailer down the bike so I'd have transportation and could go for a ride while she went to the meeting. Tonight I hooked up the trailer and found that the brake lights didn't work. After all the problems we've had traveling lately, I was just about to give up and stay home, sensing that the weekend wasn't getting off to a great start.

After coming in for dinner I settled down and decided to tackle the wiring problem and then leave in the morning. So after a trip to Fortuna to pick up supplies, Lori and I spent the evening rewiring the trailer. There were several problems that we found so it made troubleshooting tough. Finally around 10pm we got it all wrapped up.

Tue, May. 8, 2007 - Should've Listened to my Intuition

Should've Listened to my Intuition

Staying home would have been a good thing. We did get on the road Saturday morning, and going through South San Francisco I smelled the now familiar smell of brakes burning. We ended up in the exact same shop where we went after having the first problem with our Dodge Dakota's brakes in 2003. John and Carol came and rescued us this time but it ruined the plans for the day. Sunday Lori and I went back to South San Francisco to pick up the truck, and then John, Blake and I spent the rest of the day riding up and over Mt. Hamilton. I would have had a picture of us enjoying the clear view (for the Bay Area anyways) but it seems the pictures were deleted before I downloaded them. Yep, I'm a professional.

Monday I dropped Lori off in Santa Cruz for her meeting after finally finding the right location. Having the right street and address would have been helpful. I then went over to Mom's and had planned to help her work around the house but it was simply too hot outside for a Ferndale guy. Lori finally made it back from her meeting just in time for dinner, and after dinner we took Grandma back home to her new digs and played pinochle.

Tuesday we started back to Ferndale, and after making stops at the Triumph dealer and Keeble & Schucat I dropped Lori off in San Mateo where her boss was staying. They had scheduled one more meeting in San Francisco and I didn't want to try to park the truck and trailer in the city so I was going to drive through and meet them in Santa Rosa. The meeting took longer than expected (what meeting doesn't?) and so I went on to Healdsburg to continue browsing there. Finally met up with Lori again around 5pm.

The last insult for the weekend was getting a speeding ticket while going down a long steep grade. $360 fine for wanting to save my brakes? No traffic around at all, on a straight road that has at least a 6% grade or more. I guess I'm just lucky I didn't burst into flame since I was going 70mph!

In case you're wondering what the picture has to do with all this, it is the apartment building in San Mateo where Lori and I lived back in 1990. It was just around the corner from where I dropped Lori off so I thought I would snap a picture of it. We had the apartment on the corner on the left, third floor.

Sat, May. 12, 2007 - Dan & Daria

Dan & Daria

Lori and I spent the day with Dan and Daria, photographing their simple wedding at the Shaw House and then traveling to the beach and the redwoods for photos afterwards. Beach was a bit windy so we didn't spend too much time there, but this was one of my favorites. We enjoyed talking about the various British comedies that we've all enjoyed over the years and now our Netflix que is filled up with the Father Ted series that they raved about but we've never seen.

Mon, May. 14, 2007 - Alesia


Alesia contacted me from, where I have a portfolio. The shoot I had planned didn't come off, once again because it was too windy, but there's always a plan B with me when shooting outdoors up here. This was shot near Shively, on the banks of the Eel River.

Sat, May. 19, 2007 - Grandma's Birthday Party

Grandma's Birthday Party

After our last trip I really wasn't ready for another road trip so soon, but it was Grandma's 90th birthday party, and I didn't want to miss that. At the last minute we decided to play it safe and take the Del Sol. Got up to Myrtle Creek without incident. Grandma enjoyed seeing her friends from Myrtle Creek and they enjoyed having her back for a short visit. Thanks to Mom and Melody (and the rest of the Hoopers) the party was very festive, right down to the perfect napkins.

Sun, May. 20, 2007 - Camping in Canyonville

Camping in Canyonville

Derek and Lauren, and Lori and I shared a campground in Canyonville. The rest of the family joined us after the party to toast smores around the campfire. It started raining during the night so rather than having our breakfast at the campground, we broke camp and headed into Canyonville for eats. Lori resisted because of the name, but more cars were parked in front of the Feed Lot restaurant so that's where we went. After stuffing ourselves we parted ways, with Derek and Lauren taking the fast but boring way back to San Jose, while Lori and I went the beautiful coastal route back to Ferndale, with one detour into Brookings to check out the pirate store that we saw last time we were there. Last trip it was closed due to remodeling, but this time it was open and it was as much fun as the window displays suggested. Good thing we didn't have too much money to spend or anyplace to put purchases because there was way too much cool stuff there.

Mon, May. 21, 2007 - Pyro Mom

Pyro Mom

Since we didn't really get to visit with Grandma much during the party, the highlight had to be Mom's indoor pyrotechnic display. This one definitely left an impression.

Sat, May. 26, 2007 - Hell To Find Lake

Hell To Find Lake

Blake came up for what is becoming my Memorial Day tradition, KLRing with him around the boonies. This year I had several destinations planned for us. We started our journey up in Arcata for the start of the Kinetic Sculpture Race. Due to some legalities in ownership of the name, it's not officially called that anymore, but I'm a traditionalist. It's still Candlestick, and it's still the Kinetic Sculpture Race. We got there a bit late so we just managed to catch the start and only grabbed a few pictures as they flew by at the start.

Then we headed up to Route 1 to find Blake Mountain, a spot I found on a map and it seemed an appropriate place to visit. Next we searched for Cold Springs, a place mentioned by a friend, but I think we had the wrong one. There are about 5 Cold Spring(s) in this area according to the government named place website. (Didn't even know we had a National Geospatial Intelligence Agency)

Our final destination for the day was Hell to Find Lake. Yes, that's the real name of the lake, which I found while cruising on Google Earth one day. It lived up to its name, mostly becaue Blake's GPS unit kept coming up with the wrong road names for the roads that we were on. Once we found it though we realized we lucked into a very nice campground, except for one problem. The local frogs were celebrating the three day weekend too, and they stayed up all night partying. Damn they were loud, next time I'm bringing the earplugs to bed.

Sun, May. 27, 2007 - The Pond

The Pond

After leaving Hell to Find Lake, Blake and I continued on down NF30 to my favorite pond. It was actually while I was looking at this pond on Google Earth trying to locate a name for it that I stumbled on Hell to Find Lake. We took pictures there for a couple of hours and then continued on, getting lost once but ending up in Ruth where we wanted to be anyways. We then took Ruth-Zenia Road, a great stretch of pavement back out to Highway 36 which is also not too shabby. Our original plan was to continue on to Shelter Cove but we were both tired physically from riding, and mentally from being kept awake by rowdy frogs the previous night. So we detoured back to Ferndale and spent the night at home. Went out and saw the latest Pirates of the Carribean movie. It was ok, but not as good as the first two episodes.

Mon, May. 28, 2007 - Closed to Through Traffic

Closed to Through Traffic

Earlier this year I read an article about Usal Road and they had really good things to say about it, and due to its length and remoteness I saved it for when I could ride it with Blake. Usal Road runs between Shelter Cove and Rockport, pretty near the coast. I was expecting great views of the ocean, but most of the way you're in the forest so it gets a bit repetitive after awhile. The road is 30 miles long, but it took us about 4 hours to travel that distance. It was very curvy, steep, and in many places heavily rutted. We spent most of the 4 hours standing on the pegs navigating between potholes, ruts, and large rocks. When there was the occasional stunning view of the ocean it was usually too steep to stop and pull over for a look. We both felt overjoyed when we finally got our first glimpse of Highway 1 near Rockport. It was quite an accomplishment making it through safely, but not a road I'd do again or recommend to anyone.

Tue, May. 29, 2007 - Scorpion


Found this guy as I was picking up some firewood for Saturday night's fire. First time I've seen a scorpion in the wild. Sunday, while at the pond, we had a brown recluse looking spider sit next to us during lunch. We promptly got up and found other seating. Between us, we also saw bats, a bear, deer (of course), rabbits, and frogs, both large and small.

Wed, May. 30, 2007 - Carp


Although very different from his most recent entries, this sculpture from Duane Flatmo was the best of the lot once again. The metallic fish was made primarily from recycled baking pans of various shapes and sizes.