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July 2006

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Sat, Jul. 1, 2006 - Getting Organized

Getting Organized

With my new workspace in my garage, I've been very inspired to get all my tools organized so that I can spend more time working on projects instead of searching for my tools. So today I totally reorganized my three tool boxes and at least for a short time they almost look professional.

Sun, Jul. 2, 2006 - Skeleton Done

Skeleton Done

My plan for the weekend was to finish painting the front of the garage. But today was drippy and foggy all day long so Lori and I worked on the other project. If you hadn't figured it out by now the project with all the pieces is a greenhouse. Since we moved the garage forward, we ended up with a nice cement slab behind it, and we thought it would be a perfect place to put a greenhouse. Originally, we planned to also use it to store the lawnmowers, but after assembling it we found out that it would be hard to drive into it since it has a 6" bottom foundation plate. It felt very good to get it to this point because after several weekends of working on it, I came to the conclusion that this is the worst assembly project I've ever had. Not only were there thousands of pieces to put together, but the instructions were awful. Once we got everything together we realized we made a few mistakes putting it together, and we had a few pieces left over. Some were extras that they included, and a few were like your appendix, and they weren't really needed.

Mon, Jul. 3, 2006 - All Done

All Done

Today was just like yesterday, foggy and drippy, so back to work on the greenhouse. We got all the panels installed and started moving in everything that Lori would need for her new garden center. Even with it being a cold foggy day outside, it felt a lot warmer in the greenhouse. It's really going to make a nice workplace for starting plants. Lori has already started making a list of plants that we can grow now that before the greenhouse we could only dream about. Tomatoes, passion fruit, and a Taboo rose bush topped the list. I thought about starting a rumor in town that Lori was going to start growing Humboldt herbals, but she frowned on that, so if you hear that, it didn't come from me. So now Lori has her greenhouse, I have my workshop, we'll probably never see each other anymore.

Tue, Jul. 4, 2006 - Kaboom!


Fourth of July was our usual routine. Start the day giving rides on the fire trucks for the kids of Ferndale. Then the 4th of July parade, followed by the fire department picnic. Once again this year the picnic was interupted by a fire call. Somebody doing a trash burn too late in the day. After the picnic we got a little bit of rest before another fire call came in, this time for an ATV wreck out on the riverbar. One victim ended up getting airlifted by the Coast Guard helicopter. The wreck was also in a prime viewing area for Fortuna's big fireworks show and we ended up having to close the road to the river bar to keep it accessible for emergency vehicles, and that made for a lot of vehicles waiting. The first ambulance to show got a flat tire coming down the road since it was a pretty rough road. Second one made it ok. When we finally got done with all that mess, I made it down to our usual firework show, put on by a neighbor who should probably remain nameless.

Sun, Jul. 9, 2006 - Melissa


Melissa came recommended by another model who I worked with and for her first shoot we dressed her up in a red Asian brocade corset with matching shoes and purse. As they say the accessories make the outfit. The location is the old Van Duzen bridge, which I've used a couple of times before and I really like it for the interesting lines it provides. A lot better looking than the utilitarian bridge that replaced it.

Mon, Jul. 17, 2006 - Melissa (again)

Melissa (again)

On our drive over to the Van Duzen bridge, Melissa and I both noticed the big field of mustard near Fernbridge. I had wanted to use the field before but could never find the time or a model before they plowed it. So while it was still in full bloom we scheduled a second shoot. Since I generally prefer to get the owner's permission when planning a shoot on private property, I called the owner and asked him. Turns out they didn't plant the mustard, which surprised me because earlier this year they carefully plowed and tilled the plot. I figured maybe the mustard was planted as a cover crop. Actually he was trying to grow grass (not the type that Humboldt is famous for). He was actually pretty upset that the field keeps coming back with mustard after all his efforts to get rid of it. So he was pretty open to us doing anything out there that we wanted. We did see a bit of grass amongst the mustard, but the mustard grows a lot faster and choked most of the grass out. People noticed us out in the middle of this huge field of mustard while driving on the highway and later that week we fielded questions from people asking if that was us out there. I guess people have caught on to what I love taking pictures of.

Tue, Jul. 18, 2006 - The Red Front Barn

The Red Front Barn

Those of you who aren't Ferndalers won't get the pun in the title, so I have to explain that in town we have a market called the Red Front Store. I'm finally finished painting the front of the barn. I had a deadline of today because the Splinter Group was having their monthly meeting at our house and having a group of old house afficianados over is always a good way to get projects done. At 7:30 this morning I was putting the final touches on it, the red bands on the four columns.

Wed, Jul. 19, 2006 - 1250 GPM

1250 GPM

Every year we have to get the pumps in the fire engines tested, and for that we take them down to Scotia at the Pacific Lumber pond where they can draft from and then pump back into. The test involves running the pump at full capacity for a number of minutes, which means the hose spray in the picture is running at 1250 gallons per minute. The test ran for about 30 minutes so we probably pumped over 30,000 gallons of water. You can see why it's helpful to have a pond to draft from and pump back to.

Mon, Jul. 24, 2006 - Bambi #1 & #2

Bambi #1 & #2

Lori loves seeing the fawns every year, and a few days ago she was wondering why she hadn't seen any. We've been seeing a lot of bucks around lately, but no babies. So of course the day that Lori leaves on her vacaction this doe came by with her two Bambies in tow. Sorry Lori, you shouldn't have left home.

Tue, Jul. 25, 2006 - It Takes All Kinds

It Takes All Kinds

Coming to work this morning there were two trikes parked on Main St. I'd have to say that both were rat trikes (if there is such a category). Rat bikes are motorcycles that the owner goes out of their way to make uniquely ugly. So here were these two obviously homemade vehicles, both towing rather large trailers. One of them was powered by a small block V-8 which you would expect for this type of project. But this one had me puzzled. First, I'm not a trike guy. I think by the time you put three wheels on a vehicle, and then tow two more, you might as well get a convertible. A trike and trailer isn't a motorcycle anymore, and at least with a convertible you get to sit side by side and you don't have to wear a helmet. But I'm sure that would just be too mainstream for the type of folk who make projects like this. But what really had me wondering is what kind of guy builds a trike from scratch using the heavy metal framing as this guy did, and choose for your powerplant something that most likely came out of a Ford Pinto? Now that's macho.

Wed, Jul. 26, 2006 - More Electrical Work

More Electrical Work

Since I'm finally done doing the electrical work for the garage, I decided to do some electrical work in the garage. In preparation for my Colorado trip this summer, I thought that the KLR650 could use some electric hand grips. See, I've been spoiled by the Sprint ST having that feature. Electric hand grips are one of those things like TV Remotes that you don't realize you need until you have them. Given the warm weather lately, I probably won't put them to use on my test trip this weekend, but I'm sure they'll come in handy later. (Just to rub it in folks, it's been a darn pleasant 75 degrees all week here in Ferndale.)

Thu, Jul. 27, 2006 - Draping 101

Draping 101

This photo started out because of a mistake. I ordered some 3 yards of sheer white lycra off of Ebay to use as a backdrop, and the 3 yards arrived, but in two pieces, one was 2 yards, and the other was 1 yard. So I started wondering what I could do with it and I happened to have one of Lori's mannequins in the studio so I started draping the fabric and pinning it back with clamps. It looked pretty cool, and since I wanted to do something artsy fartsy for the fair I figured I'd just experiment with it and see what I could come up with. Kaline came over last night and for about three hours we tried this and that. The one I'm entering in the fair will be revealed later, but this was also one of my favorites.

Sat, Jul. 29, 2006 - John's New Ride

John's New Ride

Blake and I met up with John and Carol for a ride down the coast. Made our way down to a restaurant that I don't remember the name of for lunch for Carol's birthday. Then we went down to Big Sur and did the short hike to McWay Falls which I had to see after Derek posted pictures of it awhile ago. Then it was back inland and Blake and I split off to set up camp at the Pinnacles. Even though I had been there as a kid with the family, I didn't remember it at all. We set up the tent and then went back to Hollister to have dinner with Carol and John. Good conversation followed and Blake and I realized we were about to get locked out of the campground if we didn't high tail it back. Neither of us had clear faceshields since we weren't planning on any night riding this trip. Riding at night, in deer country, with tinted faceshields, while trying to make what seemed like an impossible deadline, didn't make for a very relaxing ride. Fortunately, the gates weren't locke that night so we got to sleep in the tent instead of by the side of the road.

Sun, Jul. 30, 2006 - Camping


Here's our campground at the Pinnacles. We had a quick breakfast and then packed up and went into the park. We hiked though a cave and up to the reservoir where we spotted frogs and swimming snakes. After our hike we rode back to San Jose and then went shopping at Road Rider, REI, and Frys. Well two of those were fun, I'll let you guess which one I didn't enjoy. (Hint, Blake needed some new speakers and I think he figured he'd need help caring them up to his third story apartment. It's a shame he's in an apartment, because he'll never really be able to enjoy them at their full potential. They did sound nice even at lower volumes though.