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September 2005

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Thu, Sep. 1, 2005 - Lowering Gas Prices

Lowering Gas Prices

I was on my way to the post office when I noticed our local gas station, Tipple Motors was replacing the sign. I joked with the attendant that gas prices were getting so heavy that they needed to replace the sign. They were quoted in the paper as saying they were lowering there gas prices. Tipple's is the only station in town, and they only have regular unleaded, full service, so they were actually replacing the sign with a new one that just listed the one price. Had to do something with all that extra profit.

Fri, Sep. 2, 2005 - Sassy Cat

Sassy Cat

Lori loves it when our cats stick their tongues out, and it's something they do more often than you'd think. I don't know why they do it, but they'll sit there with their tongues hanging out for several minutes on end. This time it's Meg who's showing her seeming displeasure at the paparazzi.

Sat, Sep. 3, 2005 - Evening Glow

Evening Glow

I went for a long motorcycle ride today, taking the KLR out around 36. I told Lori I'd be back before 7pm. As I was starting back there was a layer of high stratus clouds which usually makes for a great sunset, but since I didn't want to be late and have Lori worrying, I figured I better head back, and maybe get a sunset in Ferndale. By the time I got to Ferndale though, the sky was covered in thick clouds so I wrote off the possibility of an interesting sunset. We were sitting on the futon when Lori noticed the glow in the eastern sky. Thinking that there must be a killer sunset in the west, we went out the front door and were greeted with this scene.

Sun, Sep. 4, 2005 - Farty Arty

Farty Arty

When Arty first came to visit our house, he had a wound on his tail, and it never really healed. Last week it seemed like it was getting infected, so we took him to the vet, and while he was getting his tail fixed, he got something else fixed. Well, that's what they call it. I don't see how that really fixes anything, just the opposite really. So since he was on antibiotics we kept him inside for the last week. Fortunately we found out he's familiar with using a litter box, although he's not aware that polite cats cover up their deposits. We also found out that the speed of smell in a room with no breeze is approximately 6 inches per second, calculated by the amount of time difference between when the person sitting closest to his box goes "ewwwww" and the person sitting farther away gets a clue about what the "ewwww" was about. Arty's odors weren't just from the liter box, he seemed to be having an excess gas problem that was venting at inopportune times. Hopefully this is just related to the antibiotics he's on.

Mon, Sep. 5, 2005 - Baby Tears

Baby Tears

A garden without baby tears just isn't complete. Growing up with baby tears around the pond at my parents house, I've always liked them, and in San Jose we planted the shady side of our garden with them, along with ferns, fuschias, and a few other favorites. So we're doing the same here in Ferndale, and as the name implies, it's pretty easy to have a fern garden in Ferndale. We bought a bunch of fuschias at the fair this year, so we planted those. A couple of Australian Tree Ferns to start with, and some Bergenia that we transplanted from San Jose were added this week. We lost the Arum that we brought from San Jose, so I'll have to find some of that again. It is also very obvious in this photo that our house needs a good pressure washing.

Tue, Sep. 6, 2005 - My Favorite Pond

My Favorite Pond

I stretched a three day weekend into 4 days, and went out to my favorite pond for a shoot with Mabel. The exact location of this pond will have to remain a secret, but it's pretty remote. Even though it is visible from the road, for the 7 hours we photographed there, only one vehicle drove by, and that was a government vehicle. I'm still going through the pictures but this photo of Mabel wearing a 1930s slip shows how pretty the pond is. I'll feature a few more photos from today's shoot later after I go through them, and for those who prefer the garden pics, there'll be more of them too.

Wed, Sep. 7, 2005 - A New Marquee

A New Marquee

The Ferndale Rep is getting a new marquee. The last one was built to dress up the theatre for the movie Outbreak. Built to typical Hollywood set standards, I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did. When they started tearing it apart, massive dry rot was exposed and everyone who had casually walked under the awning before now feared for their lives each time they passed in front of the theatre. Why they didn't tear down the whole thing and start over I'm not sure. It seems a shame that they're rebuilding it without straightening it first. Ironically, when they made the movie The Majestic here, it featured a Victorian movie palace with an art deco marquee, and now we have an art deco theatre with a Victorian marquee.

Thu, Sep. 8, 2005 - Swinging


The pond we visited has a rope swing. I tried talking Mabel into actually using it, but she chickened out. Instead she decided to just hang out in her Ferndale special bikini.

Fri, Sep. 9, 2005 - View from Above

View from Above

I shot this from a bridge that goes over the creek. I then reduced the saturation in Photoshop to give it that old time "hand tinted" effect that goes along with the 1930s chemise she is wearing.

Sat, Sep. 10, 2005 - Red Skivvies

Red Skivvies

Here she is again, hanging around, this time wearing a pair of bright red skivvies.

Sun, Sep. 11, 2005 - Lost


In the TV show, the jungles are filled with man-eating monsters, numerous booby traps, wild pigs, and crazy gun toting women. This is a much kinder, gentler version of a jungle.

Mon, Sep. 12, 2005 - Spider Season

Spider Season

End of summer in Ferndale means it's spider season. Just about every available space on the house, cars, and in the garden are covered with spider webs of one sort or another. When you walk around, the ground appears to move as all the little ground spiders scurry to avoid getting tramped on. Leaving the house in the morning becomes a challenge, as there are whole colonies of big garden spiders who are intent on trying to catch us in their webs. I decided to get out the macro lens and take a few pictures of them one morning, and then I thought why not give you all a macro tour of the flora and fauna in our garden.

Tue, Sep. 13, 2005 - Dragonfly


We see dragonflies quite frequently in our backyard, and they're always fun to watch as the hover. This red one caught my eye and even stayed posed while I went back inside to grab my flash.

Wed, Sep. 14, 2005 - One Tiny Rose

One Tiny Rose

Every once in a while we actually get a rose or two off of our rose bushes before the deer prune them. This is a tiny Cecile Brunner that showed up recently. I've been putting Liquid Deer Fence on the roses and I have actually been remembering to water them, so maybe we'll have something to transplant back to the front when the fence is done.

Thu, Sep. 15, 2005 - Dianellas


One of my favorite little flowers that came with us from San Jose. The flower is about the size of a fingernail, but on close inspection it is really quite charming.

Fri, Sep. 16, 2005 - Afternoon Nap

Afternoon Nap

I caught this little tree frog napping on the Dianellas in mid-afternoon. Normally I don't see them out at that time of day, especially in full sun. But I guess he figured he was sufficiently camouflaged that he didn't need to worry too much.

Sat, Sep. 17, 2005 - Crazy Teenagers

Crazy Teenagers

Just like humans, some catepillars seem to go through a rebellious stage. Such as this one. Judging from his apparel, he's either into heavy metal or punk rock, but I'm sure as he matures he'll mellow out. A couple of months he'll be floating around, listening to smooth jazz. There's a store in Ferndale that just opened up called Elizabeth's Garden, and she has a butterfly garden in the backyard of the store. I'll have to ask Liz if she knows what this guy is.

Sun, Sep. 18, 2005 - Moonrise Over Dan's Trees

Moonrise Over Dan's Trees

Ok, so I'm no Ansel Adams. Tonight while the women went out to see Love Letters at the Rep, the guys hung out around the firepit at Dan's house. A full moon came up over the trees just as the fog was rolling in, making for a pretty sight.

Mon, Sep. 19, 2005 - Visions of Yes

Visions of Yes

This photo reminds of one of the covers from a Yes album. Very reminiscent of Roger Dean's planetscapes. (If I had my records, I could tell you which one it is. Hint, Hint John) This peachy yarrow is a favorite of the bees, and it adds a lot of color to Lori's herb garden.

Tue, Sep. 20, 2005 - The Buzzard Tree

The Buzzard Tree

One of the defining landmarks of our backyard was the buzzard tree. This was a 30-40ft tall snag that rose above the surrounding willow trees and provided a nice hangout for the local buzzards. The other morning as I went to work I counted 20 buzzards between that snag and the cottonwood. This was clearly a record buzzard sighting and it had me worried that maybe they knew something about my health that I was missing. This weekend while taking photos in the backyard, I noticed that our buzzard tree had gone missing. Upon investigation I found that it had snapped into three pieces and was now lodged in our creek. Apparently, the buzzards didn't pay attention to the stated sitting capacity for their tree and overloaded it. I would have liked to have been here when they broke it. That must have been something to see, a dozen birds with 6 foot wingspans trying to get out of each other's way as their perch is plummenting to earth.

Wed, Sep. 21, 2005 - Hedging Our Future

Hedging Our Future

I was driving down Grizzly Bluff one day and saw the hedge that I want for our secret garden. I stopped at the house, and found out it was owned by the Silver's. Kevin Silver is our cat's vet. I found out that their hedge was escalonia, and it grows fast, which for our purposes is great. So I went back last Saturday and took cuttings, since it was just the right time of year to do so. I started 46 little cuttings, and so far so good. They already look like they're growing. I plan to nurture them indoors for about 5 more weeks and then transplant them outdoors in 1 gallon buckets. Come spring we'll plant them in the yard, and try to keep the deer away from them. The deer aren't supposed to like escalonia, but it seems like when things are small they'll eat them whether it's supposed to be deer resistant or not.

Thu, Sep. 22, 2005 - Our Pathetic Vegetable Garden

Our Pathetic Vegetable Garden

Speaking of deer resistance, or lack thereof, I offer our vegetable garden as proof that deer can really be pests. We planted a variety of vegetables, and so far the only thing we've gotten out of the garden is cucumbers. They either don't like them, or they haven't discovered them hiding under the leaves. They did find the pumpkins very tasty, and managed to eat half of every one that was growing on the vines. They weren't even close to being ripe, so they're pretty non-discriminating when it comes to selecting their produce. We might get some carrots because deer don't dig, but they cleaned out Lori's Swiss Chard (no real loss there in my book). We planted some other things too, like cantaloupe, but much of it never even came up, or it got lost in the weeds.

Fri, Sep. 23, 2005 - Lost Coast Sunset

Lost Coast Sunset

Since Lori started choir again last night, I went over to the Lost Coast with Dan Tubbs last night to take pictures at sunset. We were rewarded with a real pretty sunset and I came back with several nice photos. I took my medium format film camera to test it before I sell it along with my two digital cameras. I have a few more rolls of leftover film, but as soon as I'm done with those the medium format will be sold. I just don't care for film anymore and using the camera last night reminded me of all its shortfalls.

Sat, Sep. 24, 2005 - Hair Down to There

Hair Down to There

One of Lori's morning rituals is conversing with her friends on a long hair internet list. She wanted a picture of her hair to share since it's a lot longer than it was in the last picture she shared with them. So here it is.

Sun, Sep. 25, 2005 - One for her

One for her

While we were taking pictures of Lori, she asked for one of me. I figured the uniform would lend some respectibility to my otherwise dubious character.