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July 2003

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Wed, Jul. 2, 2003 - Them Sure Are Some Big Spuds

Them Sure Are Some Big Spuds

One of the projects that I've been working on lately is scanning a box of over 150 glass negatives that were taken around 1895. Most of them are what we would call snapshots today, lots of pictures of the kids, the chickens, the kids feeding the chickes, etc. Also most of them show the limitations of the technology available back then, as exposure times were on the order of a half to a full second, so anything that moved was usually blurred. Such as kids and chickens. Every once in awhile though I would come across one that was either a truly outstanding picture, or just so weird, I would start laughing out loud. The picture here is one that fell in the latter category. Apparently they grew some BIG potatoes in Ferndale back then.

Fri, Jul. 4, 2003 - Ferndale Fireworks

Ferndale Fireworks

Ferndale doesn't have an "official" fireworks display. But unlike many areas in California, you can buy safe and sane fireworks in Humboldt County, and like anywhere else in the world, there are also displays of fireworks that don't meet the official criteria. I won't say where I took this photo, but it is safe to say that these fireworks weren't bought at the local fireworks booth.

Sat, Jul. 5, 2003 - Sophie R.I.P.

 Sophie R.I.P.

This picture is how I most remember Sophie, with Lori on the floor playing with her. Two years ago when we brought her home from the fair I didn't really know what to expect from a rabbit, but Lori thought they were awfully cute, and seeing that they were much cheaper than horses, it seemed like a good idea. Sophie was hard to get to know because she didn't jump in your lap, and even if you could catch her, she wasn't going to stay there long. So I have to admit, my joy in having Sophie around was in watching her do her silly hops around the house. Lori however found that in getting down to Sophie's level she could enjoy her little cuddly friend on a more personal level. Sophie was a very lucky rabbit to have a friend like Lori looking after her with such love. Sadly, a week after her surgery, Sophie passed away. Lori found her this morning, in her favorite sleeping position, so hopefully she went peacefully.

Sun, Jul. 6, 2003 - Trillium Falls

Trillium Falls

Today we decided to chuck the normal house and yard keeping that we do on Sunday and instead went for a peaceful hike in the redwoods. We had the trail completely to ourselves, and it was so relaxing and a perfect day for recovery. It seemed it was a day for noticing details. Such as we saw that the clover in the forest was purple on the underneath side. I had never noticed that before and I began wondering if all clover was like that. Then we noticed another plant that looked like a weed, and it too was purple on the underside. So then we wondered, coincidence, or is there something in the soil that causes the plants to mutate here? We also noticed that the clover looked green when viewed from above, purple when the leaves fell upside down on the ground, but red when the light streamed through them. Very interesting. (my theory, the green top layer absorbs the blue and green light, leaving only the red, which the purple underside layer allows to pass.)

After our hike, we took the scenic way over to Trinidad. We had never been there before so we just drove around a bit to explore and then found the Seascape Restaurant for dinner. Steak and Prawns for me, and the vegetables were peas covered in butter and almonds. Clam chowder and garlic bread to start, it just doesn't get better than that. Except that I had no room for dessert.

But when we got home, we found Linda sitting in our driveway. With the earlier events this weekend I forgot she was stopping by. She provided little pecan pie desserts, and by then I had room for them, and we traded our left over steak and fettucini, so everyone was happy.

Finished the evening showing Linda I had clear air superiority over her on the antique Atari game console.

Mon, Jul. 7, 2003 - Little Fern

Little Fern

As I said, yesterday's hike was special for the details we noticed. This picture captures one area that we studied for awhile. I thought it would be a great backdrop for an HO train layout, because it looked like it was covered in little trees and bushes. I'm just not sure what that little fern would be in HO scale.

Tue, Jul. 8, 2003 - Austin Healeys

Austin Healeys

Ferndale is a popular spot for car clubs to come through, both for the quaintness of the town, and for the many scenic roads nearby. They often stop in Ferndale on their way to or from the Lost Coast. Today Ferndale was visited by an Austin Healey club. I didn't have too much of a chance to visit with the owners and find out more about the club, but I did hear that there were 90 cars registered, and we had one gentleman come into our shop who had come all the way from Australia. He borrowed a car here, he didn't drive his. Since to the uneducated eye, the style of the cars didn't appear to change, it was pretty funny to see most of Ferndale's Main Street lined on both sides with basically the same car, only many different colors.

Sun, Jul. 13, 2003 - In The Shade

In The Shade

Today and yesterday it was very warm in Ferndale. Saturday our old house group had a picnic in Bear River Valley, so I hung a sign on the shop door, "Closed today for lack of fog". We were still sitting in the sun around 8:00pm when we decided we better leave in order to beat the fog that was finally rolling in. Driving over the wildcat when it's dark and foggy is no fun. Today I did a few chores after a lazy morning and then when it got too hot to work outside (we're only talking in the high 70s) I took the ATV out to Centerville Beach. I was able to ride it all the way down to the mouth of the Eel River this time. It was fun seeing some of the same spots that Bruce Slocum showed us in the boat ride only this time from the land perspective. I had fun watching the harbor seals play, just as Lauren did on the boat ride. I didn't take the camera this time, but if we get clear weather again later this week I'd like to go out there again.

Thu, Jul. 17, 2003 - Lonely Sprint ST

Lonely Sprint ST

This was supposed to be a photo of my Triumph Sprint ST with a model posed on it. However, as it seems to be my curse, the model cancelled at the last minute. Since I had already washed it (a rare event these days) and it was already parked in the studio, I figured I might as well take some pictures of it.

Sat, Jul. 19, 2003 - Flame Job

Flame Job

This weekend the Redwood Run is going on which means that there has been a steady parade of Harley's on Main Street. In my opinion, Harley's are better appreciated as art than as motorcycles, and judging from the mileage on the odomoters, that sentiment is shared by many of their owners. The weekend usually brings a fair amount of carnage to the area, as a combination of ill handling cruisers, inexperienced riders, alcohol, and lack of basic rider protection all combine, sometimes with disasterous consequences. Yesterday an unconscious rider was airlifted out of Ferndale after a 20mph crash. Even at that slow speed, you need more protection than just shorts, a tank top, and the typical salad bowl that the Harley crowd call helmets.

Sun, Jul. 20, 2003 - Sunday Afternoon in the Park

Sunday Afternoon in the Park

I spent this afternoon photographing Katy on the Trillium Falls trail. Once I sort throught the pictures, I'll have some that actually show the falls. This one was taken later in the day when I needed a rest from carrying the camera equipment.

Mon, Jul. 21, 2003 - Jungle Woman

Jungle Woman

As promised, here's a picture from Trillium Falls from Sunday's shoot. Not exactly the biggest waterfall to go see, but for Humboldt County, it's about as good as they get. Surprising that with all the varied terrain and abundant rainfall we get that there aren't better waterfalls to be found, but you really have to go up the Oregon coast to find major waterfalls.

Tue, Jul. 22, 2003 - Welcome to Ferndale

Welcome to Ferndale

This photo involved more planning than I've ever put into one photo. I first got the idea about six months ago, but there were several hurdles to finally make it happen. First I had to find the right props, and since there isn't a hobby store around that carries train stuff, I had to search out items on the web. Then I had to build the barn and house. Then I had to find the perfect set of models (the live ones) that were willing to be painted green. Then I had to wait until both models had a day off together. This morning it all came together and everyone had fun working on the project. It came out very close to how I pictured it, but the models were very surprised and delighted as they couldn't picture how it was going to look. It was very funny as when I was looking at them, it looked like two women partially painted green, but when viewed through the lens their bodies became very abstract. Add a few marshmellows, some cows, and a farmer on his tractor, and you have Ferndale in miniature.

Sat, Jul. 26, 2003 - Hot Rod Dairy Truck

Hot Rod Dairy Truck

Went over to Fortuna this afternoon to take a look at the annual Autorama car show on Main St. As usual many of the same vehicles were there from previous years, but there are always enough new ones to make it worth while. I especially like the oddities that always show up each year, those cars and trucks that you wouldn't expect someone to put the effort into restoring or hotrodding. My favorite example of that this year was the milk delivery van that is pictured. It was actually very cool they way they tricked it out, but I had to ask the question, "Why a milk truck?" But then maybe people are wondering why I paint ladies green. I think the answers to both questions aren't that far apart. Also after looking at the photo of the van for awhile it seemed oddly familiar. Then I remembered the Richardson House web site that I did awhile back.

Sun, Jul. 27, 2003 - I.F.U. - Identified Flying Un-alien

 I.F.U. - Identified Flying Un-alien

I remember when we moved to Ferndale from our house in San Jose where we were nearly under the flight path of SJO airport, that one of the things I was struck by was the lack of airplanes in the sky. I think it was about a month before I even saw an airplane fly over and it has remained about that frequent of an event. Once in awhile we'll see a small private airplane, a CDF plane, or the Coast Guard helicopter, but most of the time the only large things flying overhead are the buzzards. So today when I heard the familiar sound of the Goodyear blimp flying overhead, I didn't recognize it until I spotted it. In the Bay Area it was a frequent site due to the many sporting events it covered, but I wasn't expecting to see it in Ferndale. At first I thought it was just passing through, but then it spent some time circling around Ferndale, passing right over our house a couple of times. What I would have given to be up there looking down and taking pictures. It finally continued on its southern journey, so I'm not sure if they were just particulary enamored with our little village or what.

Mon, Jul. 28, 2003 - Lori Does Windows

Lori Does Windows

Ferndale is the spider capital of the world. Someone once explained it thus, "Ferndale has cows, flies like cows, spiders eat flies, so Ferndale is the perfect spot for spiders." While the blimp was flying over, Lori was busy washing the numerous cobwebs off of the windows. It is very nice to be able to look out the windows again, and it'll probably stay that way until at least this afternoon. I have one other spider related bit of news to report. While we were both on the deck, we noticed something scurring around at our feet. At first we though it was a spider attacking a bug, but on closer inspection it was some type of irridescent flying bug that was carrying away his next meal, a dead spider. It was quite funny watching this bug walk backwards dragging the spider by his mouth. It was interesting to see that sometimes it was the spider who lost the battle, not the bug.

Wed, Jul. 30, 2003 - It's the Colors

It's the Colors

A few of you didn't get the connection between the van and the web site. So to spell it out, it's the colors, light yellow and cream, separated by a purple stripe. Ok, so the purple stripe is a bit redder on the van, but I thought it was still remarkable how close the two color schemes are. I'm also learning a lot about web design from my family. Such as, if you make it easy to get to the bottom of the page then you better give them somewhere to go to from there. So now there are links at the bottom of the page as well. Apparently my family doesn't like to scroll. So now that I've made your lives so efficient, you can use some of that time you've saved to bake me some cookies. Chocolate chip would be fine, or maybe those gooey chocolate/oatmeal ones.