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June 2003

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Mon, Jun. 2, 2003 - The case of the missing tutu

The case of the missing tutu

It's actually the 12th as I post this so I'm really behind. Been busy, had the folks in town, blah, blah, blah. More excuses than you want to hear. I figured I better get something posted before June is completely gone so I'm going back to the beginning. That way those of you that don't check back regularly (shame on you) won't even notice. Today's picture is from another session with my favorite ballerina, only she forgot her tutu this time. Oh well, to paraphrase an old saying, "The shoot must go on."

Tue, Jun. 3, 2003 - Can you do this?

Can you do this?

The shot that I had in mind was similar to this one, but as she was stretching to get in position, I thought this was pretty cool too.

Wed, Jun. 4, 2003 - Frogger Flashback

Frogger Flashback

Last weekend the Splinter Group had a garage sale and while searching for items to sell, I came across a box that had my very first computer in it which I've been saving for the day when it becomes an antique. Being a Commodore 64, it's almost there. By the way, the 64 refers to 64k bytes of memory, quite quaint when we're talking Gigs these days. What surprised me most though was that under the computer was our old Atari 2600 game console, which I saved for the same reason, but I had forgotten all about it. So Lori and I had a fun night playing Fast Eddie, Deadly Duck (her favorite) and my favorite, Frogger. (Just to note, I kicked her butt in all three.)

Fri, Jun. 6, 2003 - Bad case of gopheritis

Bad case of gopheritis

The gopher population in our yard seems to be out of hand. I think they are trying to create a reproduction of the Hawaiin Islands on our front lawn. Every morning we awake to find one more volcano has been formed. The only good news is that if they continue their westerly migration, they will soon be Sylvia's problem, not mine.

Sat, Jun. 7, 2003 - More work on the barn

More work on the barn

The gophers have taken a turn for the worse. They are now doubling back, in the direction of the house.

Mom and Dad are in town today. Mom brought her new camera, so I'm leaving it to her to document their stay. While Lori and Mom shopped the town of Ferndale, Dad and I headed over to the fire hall to check out the engines. Guy stuff, you know.

Wed, Jun. 11, 2003 - Dottie's Kids

Dottie's Kids

Did something today I don't do very often anymore, shot some actual film. The shot shown here is actually a digital shot of Dottie's Kids that was used to test the lighting before I switched to film. Dottie is submitting some photos of the sculptures that she makes for a possible article in Country Woman and they wouldn't take digital.

Sun, Jun. 15, 2003 - Without the fog

Without the fog

Sometimes I think life would be much easier without indoor plumbing. The last few weekends I've been having to repair something or other. First it was the toilet that was leaking. Then it was the valve that stuck in our water tank, which allowed the tank to drain to empty, which meant that the pump wasn't pumping water, so it got overheated, which caused a leak in the output pipe. Then it was the ballcock valve in the toilet that wouldn't shut off. I think I have everything working again, but if not, I might be digging a latrine in the back yard.

After fixing my plumbing, the next problem to solve on my list was the gophers. I had been trying to trap them all week, but the guaranteed success trap was anything but. So this morning I tried what Dad used to do. Hook a hose to the truck exhaust and gas them. I'll let you know in a few days if the volcano building has subsided.

Twice when Derek has been up to see us we attempted to ride my favorite short loop, Monunent and Mattole Rds. Both times we've had to turn back because the fog was too thick. Here's what it looks like on a clear day, and a good example of why this is one of my favorite rides.

Mon, Jun. 16, 2003 - Busy as a bee

Busy as a bee

While I was taking the previous shot, I noticed a huge bumblebee all covered with pollen, so I followed him around for awhile trying to get his picture. Bees are not very cooperative when it comes to having their picture taken, but I finally got a good shot of this guy when he landed on some flowers on the other side of the road.

Tue, Jun. 17, 2003 - Native Foxglove

Native Foxglove

When we lived in San Jose, I tried to grow foxglove in our garden, with only a little success. It seemed like they never reseeded, so every year I had to buy new plants, which not only gets expensive, it kind of defeats the purpose of growing them. So it is now wonderful living in a place where not only do they flourish in my garden (such as it is) they also flourish in the wild, such as this pretty grouping I photographed just off of Monument Rd.

Wed, Jun. 18, 2003 - Native Lupine

Native Lupine

Another of my favorite native flowers is the lupine. We have several varieties around here and this year they seem to be doing very well, no doubt because of all the rain we received earlier. This particular patch was found as you drop down into Bear Valley. It was taken on last Sunday's motorcycle trip. I had planned to go back last night with the medium format camera and a tripod but it was cloudy, and today it is raining, so I guess it'll have to wait.

Thu, Jun. 19, 2003 - Bear Ridge Lupines

Bear Ridge Lupines

This is another shot taken last Sunday, same area as yesterday's only a wider view. I've always heard about the bluebells of Texas and how spectacular they were, and this year I found out that what Texans call bluebells, we and most everyone else call lupines. I don't think the Texan lupines are any prettier than the Humboldt County varieties, and we don't have to suffer their stifling humidity to go out and enjoy them.

Fri, Jun. 20, 2003 - Camping by the Trinity

Camping by the Trinity

For our big summer vacation this year, we went on a two day whitewater rafting trip on the Trinity River. Today we drove up to the campground near Helena and met the rest of the group and the guides. The rest of the group was 17 members of a very funny and energetic family mostly from the L.A. area who were having a family reunion. The company that planned the trip Birch Circle Adventures took care of every detail for us, including some very delicious meals. They even remembered to bring the marshmellows, chocolate and gramham crackers! I'll have some pictures later from the actual rafting portion of the trip later, as it wasn't recommend to bring the camera on the rafts. However, there is a company that takes pictures at the one real knarly section of the rapids and they have proofs ready for you at the end of your trip, sort of like the rides at amusement parks. Once I get the final prints, I'll post some rather amazing shots of us shooting the rapids.

Sat, Jun. 21, 2003 - How not to be seen

How not to be seen

Before dinner Lori and I walked down by the river where we were camping and came across this little frog, who was taking the art of camouflage rather seriously.

Wed, Jun. 25, 2003 - Warm Summer Evenings

Warm Summer Evenings

I guess to make up for the miserable winter, and the spring that never showed up, the weather gods are being kind to Ferndale this summer. The usual fog is no where to be seen, and we've been experiencing warm days, and even more rare, warm evenings. Chelsea and I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and so we headed back to the patch of lupines where I took the photos last week. Sunset around 8:30pm gave us time to try several different scenes with different clothing. Here she's wearing a rather sheer petticoat and corset cover from Lori's collection.

Thu, Jun. 26, 2003 - Cowgirl


I don't know if Chelsea knows how to ride a horse, but she wanted some pictures with her cowboy hat. Good excuse to try out the leather earrings I saw in a store a while back. I love dangly earrings, and these are just about the longest I've ever seen so I had to buy them.

Sat, Jun. 28, 2003 - Disection Project

Disection Project

A few weeks ago when we had guests staying at our house, someone (I'm guessing Derek from past experiences) left their toothpaste behind. Maybe we're behind the times, but I had never seen one of these toothpaste in a pump thingies. So after we finished using it, I had to cut it open to see if my theory on how it worked was correct. Which it was. There is a foil bladder inside that contains the toothpaste. There is also a one way valve on the bottom of the container. Squeezing the container puts pressure on the bladder since the air valve is closed. Then releasing the pressure sucks in more air so it is ready for the next use. Very simple and efficient design. I'm not sure how much more expensive it is to buy toothpaste this way, but it's a design I like. Sure beats all of the stupid inventions I've seen that supposedly help you squeeze a normal tube of toothpaste.

Sun, Jun. 29, 2003 - Demolition Derby

Demolition Derby

Ahh, Sunday our day off. Sun's out, nothing planned for today except go to the fair in Eureka to see the demolition derby and then maybe come home and do some chores. We got to the demo derby, and watched the first two heats. Then my fire pager went off for a mutual aid call (wildfire in Willow Creek) so we had to leave. That was too bad because they were just about to start the third heat which was going to feature my favorite car in the line up. You can see it in the background in the photo. It's the one with the lawn chair and passenger on top. The passenger was an inflatable doll wearing a bikini, and it was going to be interesting to see if she could hold on during all the bumping and grinding that was going to take place. So I'll never know how it turned out.

After getting back to Ferndale I found out that a strike team had already been assembled so we went home, only to find that Sophie required an emergency trip to the vet. To disgusting to go into details, but just as we pulled into the vet's parking lot, the fire alarm went off for a second time, this time for a small fire out on Centerville Rd. By the time I got to the station on that one enough equipment had rolled so I went back to pick up Lori at the vet's office. The prognossis for Sophie was encouraging so we went back home.

I had time just before dinner to go for a short motorcycle ride up Monument Rd. Part of this road is gravel, and in that section I came upon a red Miata, somewhat out of its element. What was even stranger though is that the lady driving it was walking her dog. Well the dog was walking, the lady was driving. I passed them and then decided to pull over to get a picture of it, but when they caught up to me again, the dog was sitting in the passenger seat.

After dinner we got a medical call, and then at 2:30 in the morning we received another call for a traffic accident. After a rather quiet month for the department, we ended up with 4 calls within 12 hours. So much for my relaxing day off.

Mon, Jun. 30, 2003 - Fog Rolling In

Fog Rolling In

Since I didn't want to look like an idiot while the lady in the red Miata drove by, I snapped this picture of the fog rolling in. We haven't seen fog in Ferndale for a week, but it's finally back. Last night, even at 2:30 it was fairly warm outside, and wearing fire turnouts it was too hot. When I got back home after the call, I had to open the window in our bedroom to cool off. In all the time we've lived in Ferndale, that was the first night I slept with the window open.

Sophie's back, safe at home, with a bit of temporary auxillary plumbing installed. At least she doesn't have to wear a cone on her head.