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March 2003

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Sat, Mar. 1, 2003 - All the Pretty Ladies

All the Pretty Ladies

Today Lori and I presented a fashion show at the Ingomar Club for their ladies day. We featured fashions from 1840 to 1930, and it required just about every petite girl I have photographed. Todays picture shows the entire group, and I'll be featuring them individually over the next week and a half. We staged the show in chronological order, playing music from the period of each dress. It all went extremely well, and the audience had lots of very kind comments for us after the show was over. It was a tremendous amount of work to stage, but it was worth it, especially the final procession where we had them all come out at once. It was amazing to see. Lori and I used to go the vintage fashion expos and see the wonderful fashion shows they would present. I don't think we ever thought we would be able to present one of our own.

From left to right, sitting: Jessica Rumney, Chelsea Adams, Sue Smith (Chelsea's mom) Standing: Jessica Couture, Lori Knowles, Katy Saria, Laura East, Kate Newby, Sheila Hall, Danah Palmer, and Kelsey Kennard.

Sun, Mar. 2, 2003 - Kelsey (1860s Bodice & Skirt)

Kelsey (1860s Bodice & Skirt)

Although we started out the show with an 1840 ensemble, we had to display it on a mannequin. When we've photographed it before, we never had the back fully closed because it is just too tiny around the shoulders. So Kelsey was our first model out, wearing this 1860s gown.

Mon, Mar. 3, 2003 - Sheila (1870s Bodice & Skirt)

Sheila (1870s Bodice & Skirt)

The second model to come out was Sheila. She came out wearing a Victorian nightgown which she removed, causing some in the audience to gasp until they realized she had a leotard on underneath. (Remember, the audience was all women, with a fairly high percentage of little old ladies in attendance.) We then proceeded to dress her in all the layers required to get to the point of how she looks in the photo. In the order they went on: drawers, socks, shoes, chemise, corset, corset cover, bustle, petticoat #1, petticoat #2, skirt, bodice, hat, gloves, lace scarf, parasol.

Tue, Mar. 4, 2003 - Chelsea (1880s Bodice & Skirt)

Chelsea (1880s Bodice & Skirt)

Representing the 1880s was Chelsea. She is wearing the same outfit that my very first model, Heather, wore. The burgundy bodice is one piece that really comes alive when it is worn. Over the bodice she is wearing the first beaded capelet that we bought.

Wed, Mar. 5, 2003 - Jessica (1890s Bodice & Skirt)

Jessica (1890s Bodice & Skirt)

The first of our 1890s outfits was worn by Jessica Couture (formerly Daniels). Jessica was one of two models who really came through even though they were a bit under the weather. So if you were wondering about the grim expression, it wasn't a total Victorian pose re-enactment.

Thu, Mar. 6, 2003 - Kate (1890s Bodice & Skirt)

Kate (1890s Bodice & Skirt)

Our second lady from the 90s was Kate. Kate saw my show at Good Relations and visited our shop to see more of my work. She also has a keen interest in vintage clothes and she graciously loaned us some hats from her collection to complete the outfits. She looked quite smashing wearing the white bodice and matching skirt.

Fri, Mar. 7, 2003 - Katy (1900s Bodice & Skirt)

Katy (1900s Bodice & Skirt)

The real trooper of the show was Katy, our first lady from the 20th century. I called Katy up the night before the show just to go over the last details and she was having a hard time even talking due to a lung infection. I immediately started wondering if strapping someone who can barely breath into a very tight corset was a good idea, but Katy thought she could do it. It didn't help that Katy had to get squeezed down the furthest, to a 22" waist in order to get into her 1900 ensemble.

Sat, Mar. 8, 2003 - Lori (1910s Dress)

Lori (1910s Dress)

Lori modeled the first of three outfits from the 1910s. She's wearing a white lace dress that we found on one of our trips to Ferndale before we moved here. It fits here perfectly, which is pretty rare for clothes from this period.

Sun, Mar. 9, 2003 - Sue (1910s Shirtwaist & Skirt)

Sue (1910s Shirtwaist & Skirt)

Following Lori was Sue, who is Chelsea's mom. She was probably the shortest model we had, even with heals and a big hat, she only came up to my shoulders. She's wearing a lace and embroidered shirtwaist and a houndstooth skirt.

Mon, Mar. 10, 2003 - Danah (1910s Dress)

Danah (1910s Dress)

Danah wore the same 1914 dress that we photographed her in earlier. That made it real easy for the fashion show planning because we knew it fit her. Many of the other garments had been modeled for the earlier photos by someone other than who was going to model it in the show. We also kept switching some garments around trying to get everyone looking their best.

Tue, Mar. 11, 2003 - Laura (1920s Dress)

Laura (1920s Dress)

For the 1920s, Laura was our model, wearing a black beaded flapper gown. Laura is Lori's ballet teacher. Yes, you too can learn how to dance the ballet right in Ferndale! Such culture in our small town. Lori plans to put all her talents together someday, playing piano while singing and dancing. Should be interesting to watch.

Wed, Mar. 12, 2003 - Jessica (1930s Dress)

Jessica (1930s Dress)

The final gown we presented was this 1930s black velvet dress, along with a red velvet coat. This dress is so simple compared to all the others that we showed and yet it is still stunning. On the video tape you can hear one lady gasp, "Wow" when Jessica Rumney, the model, walked by. All in all our show featured two Jessicas, a Kate & Katy, a Lori & Laura, and a Kelsey & Chelsea, plus a Sue, Sheila & Danah.

Thu, Mar. 13, 2003 - Reproductions


One of the interesting things about doing web sites, is knowing that they are viewed around the world. This week Lori received an inquiry from a London author who is writing a period piece and had some questions about the clothing that women wore back then. We also recently received a couple of requests from other photographers to reproduce some of the vintage clothing in our collection. The set featured in todays photograph was sent out to another visitor from London. To see what a great job Lori did on this set, compare it to the original 1918 lingerie set we have.

Sun, Mar. 16, 2003 - Moss & Mushrooms

Moss & Mushrooms

After three days of heavy wind and rain that had us thinking back to December, the weather finally improved today, so out with the KLR650 I went. I rode one of my favorite KLR routes, Monument Rd to Bear River, and then down into the valley until it dead ends. Lots of newly born cattle and a few tiny lambs. I was doing a lot of sightseeing this trip, going much slower than my usual pace. The slow approach seemed to disturb them more than when I would just blow by them. At one point I unintentionally herded about 50 cows down the road. There was one very pregnant cow that I met both coming and going who both times just stood in the middle of the road and stared at me. Only when I slowly crept within about 10 feet of here did she finally back down and move off the road. There was lots of scenery to see with all the cows, sheep, hawks and other birds, plus everything is so green right now. Except for the mushrooms that is.

Mon, Mar. 17, 2003 - She's Got Milk

She's Got Milk

While down in Bear Valley yesterday I came across this little newborn lamb. The mother didn't want me that close taking pictures, the baby just wanted mom to stay in one place so she could finish her meal.

Tue, Mar. 18, 2003 - Spring's Around the Corner

Spring's Around the Corner

Today was gorgeous weather wise. So I took our 12ft ladder down Main Street to get some pictures of town with a postcard blue sky in the background. Spring doesn't officially arrive until Friday, but with weather like this, it's easy to believe that maybe winter is done with for one more year. Good news for someone who really believes that we should only have the other three seasons.

Thu, Mar. 20, 2003 - A few days too late for Leprechauns

A few days too late for Leprechauns

When I stumbled into the bathroom this morning, I was greeted by a beautiful rainbow. I quickly dressed and ran out the front, making sure I didn't run too fast in my slippers and end up falling in the mud. I got a few nice pictures before it disappeared. It was so bright that you could even see it on the grass where it hit the ground. That pot of gold sure would come in handy right now. Where's my shovel?

Sat, Mar. 22, 2003 - New Lawn Mower

New Lawn Mower

This morning while Lori and I were enjoying our morning coffee, we heard our neighbors getting a delivery of their new lawn mower. So looking out our kitchen window, here's what we saw. Quite a large group this time, and a mixture of sizes and colors too. It'll be nice to have them there. The calfs are always fun to watch as they play and try to prove who's the toughest.

Sun, Mar. 23, 2003 - Motorin' out in the country

Motorin' out in the country

Today started off with a pancake breakfast for the 4-H. Normally on the fourth Sunday we go the pancake breakfast they have at the Veteran's Memorial Hall. This is a big Ferndale tradition. Why the 4-H scheduled their breakfast for the same weekend, I'm not sure. We heard some people hit both. We were joined at the table by Ken and Sharon, the recently retired owners of the Gingerbread Mansion. (Hi Ken!) We also ran into Wayne, who has offered us a tour of their old house. We met Wayne and Linda at the sesquicentennial parade. Wayne is an old car buff, and is good friends with Dan Erceg, who we know from the VPA. Wayne and Linda recently purchased a house in Ferndale, in fact they live next door to the one that burned down in December. So Wayne wanted us to come back and see the house under better conditions than pouring rain and blazing fire. Afterwards, he gave us a ride in his Studebaker touring car. I forget the year, but it is really nice looking and it was pretty fun driving the backroads of Ferndale in such a fine car.

Mon, Mar. 24, 2003 - Pulling Weeds

Pulling Weeds

After getting back from our breakfast and tour yesterday, I had a few hours left to pull weeds and mow the lawn before sunset. A couple of wheelbarrow loads of weeds pulled and you'ld never notice the difference. The lawn had grown so fast in the last two weeks (due to rain I didn't get a chance to mow it last weekend) I had to make two passes at it. While I was pulling weeds the cats had fun being outside. I even caught Trevor playing, which was unusual because he's such a serious cat most of the time. We don't know how old he is, but I guess there's still some kitty left in him.

Wed, Mar. 26, 2003 - Jessica circa 1910

Jessica circa 1910

We've been trying to get caugh up lately on documenting the ever growing vintage clothing collection. I've recently added a bunch more photos to the site, and have lots more to go. Here Jessica is modeling a white shirtwaist with cut-work embroidery, and a blue silk skirt, both from around 1910.

Thu, Mar. 27, 2003 - Hypnotizing Sophie

Hypnotizing Sophie

A very curious aspect of Sophie, is that while most of the time she runs around and avoids human contact, if you somehow manage to pet her nose a couple of times, she goes into an almost trance-like state. Lori is really good at this because Sophie trusts her a lot more than she trusts me. Mostly because Lori is willing to put time into a relationship with a pet that gives nothing back. Me, I want them on my lap when I have time for them, and if they can't do that, I tend to ignore them back. This morning Lori was petting the bunny on the nose and she (Sophie, not Lori) went into her usual trance. Lori kept at it, and when Sophie really relaxes, she puts her head on the ground as in the photo. Usually once you stop petting her, she quickly raises her head and starts hopping away. But this morning she stayed there, head down, absolutely still. When she stayed that way for about a minute, Lori wondered if there was something wrong with her. I was thinking it would be real handy if the nose petting trick worked on small children.

Fri, Mar. 28, 2003 - 100K


The last few days our '94 Honda Del Sol has been getting close to 100K on the odometer. I wanted to make sure I documented the rollover, for some reason ever since I was a kid, watching the numbers rollover on the odometer was fascinating. So knowing that the momentous occasion was going to happen on a trip back from Eureka, I made sure I had the camera ready. It was only then that I noticed that you would have to put on a million miles before it would completely roll over. Like that's going to happen. Still, it was more fun than watching the odometer on my Sprint, which is digital and therefore the numbers just change instantly. There's none of that anticipation as you watch the last number line up and then the whole line of numbers changes.

Sat, Mar. 29, 2003 - Black Rock Falls

Black Rock Falls

It may be satisfying to you to know that even professional photographers sometimes leave film in their cameras for months. This picture was taken in January, before we left on our Mexico trip. I took my medium format camera down to take some pictures in Uvas Park, and after taking about 10 pictures on a 15 picture roll, the batteries died. So I packed it away and kind of forgot about it. With the recent string of blue sky days in Ferndale, I figured it was a good time to finish the roll. I discovered this waterfall just a few months before we moved, and it's just one of about 10 on an easy waterfall loop trail in the park.

Sun, Mar. 30, 2003 - RC Sailing

RC Sailing

Today was another gorgeous day in Ferndale. I got up early to go snail and slug hunting and even at 7:30 in the morning it was warm. I then pulled weeds in the garden until about 12:00 when it was just too hot to be out in the sun working. Imagine that, too hot in Ferndale! So the logical thing to do was go for a motorcycle ride. I explored a few of the valley roads, and then took Monument up to Bear Ridge Rd. As I was zipping across the ridge on the KLR650 I came across a bunch of guys flying their RC sailplanes. For a change it wasn't that windy up on the ridge, but there was enough thermals to keep the planes aloft for quite awhile.

Mon, Mar. 31, 2003 - Jessica's Last Day

Jessica's Last Day

Friday was Jessica's last day as my employee. We used the afternoon to travel down to Bear River and photographed a few more vintage clothing pieces. In the photo she is wearing a 1920s beaded camisole. I'm not sure how these were normally worn back then, whether they went with a skirt or what, so I decided to pair it with some blue jeans. The location is Bear River Rd., just before it begins its drop into the valley. The view from there is absolutely spectacular, especially on such a clear day as Friday was.