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June 2002

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Sat, Jun. 1, 2002 - Slow as a snail

Slow as a snail

Today was Ferndale's annual pet parade, and this year it was quite a bit longer than last year's. People in Ferndale sure have a great sense of humor! Maren was dressed as a cat, and pulled along by Emily. She had a sign explaining she was a pet sister. There were many real pets in costumes, such as a weiner dog in a baseball outfit being led by a flag waving kid (baseball, hot dogs and the American flag) and a dog in a Superman costume. There was a tiny frog in a jar that was in a wagon all decorated with flowers, and the wagon was being pulled by a kid pedaling his tricycle. The kid was dressed in a frog costume. The girl featured in today's photo had perhaps the weirdest collection of pets, a bunch of snails, some who appear to be trying to escape.

In other snail news this week, there was an entry in the Kinectic sculpture race titled "S Car". Shaped like a huge colorful snail, when it went by, you could really see the "S Car" go. Closer to home, the two days of rain we received this week really brought out the slugs and snails en masse. I took great delight in killing them all. We have enough pets as it is.

Sun, Jun. 2, 2002 - Hello Gertrude!

Hello Gertrude!

I came home from a firecall today to find a two point buck back by the garage. I ran inside and grabbed the 500mm lense and camera expecting to get a great picture of it. Unfortunately the batteries died just as I figured out the correct exposure. So instead of a picture of a buck, I have this Gertrude Jekyll rose, which is sort of deer related, because it didn't get eaten. In fact our roses are finally growing and blooming so well, that I can pronounce the experiment of using Liquid Fence a success. For those of you with deer problems, you might want to try this stuff. It sure is nice to actually see some roses blooming on our bushes.

Wed, Jun. 5, 2002 - Just passing through (We hope!)

Just passing through (We hope!)

Sorry for the quality of today's shot but I had a hard time getting the subject to pose where there was decent lighting. We've seen a couple of skunks in the yard this week, and fortunately they seem to be in a hurry to get somewhere else. Also, they come around at an hour when the cats are safely inside and they aren't tempted to introduce themselves.

Fri, Jun. 7, 2002 - Sandblasted


Tonight I went out with two girls at once, neither of them my wife. Janne, (pictured) and Jessica D. went with me to get their pictures taken out at the coast. Jessica I was doing for a favor, and Janne was paying me back for some pictures she needed to submit for the Dairy Princess contest (she didn't win, but she was voted Miss Vitality). The sun was out and it looked like it would be a nice sunset, but unfortunately when we got to the coast the wind was blowing something fierce. Being at the beach under those conditions was like being in front of a sandblaster. Not good for the models, the cameras or the photographer. Didn't get much done so we'll try again some other time.

Sun, Jun. 9, 2002 - Ricky's Jail

Ricky's Jail

Everyonce in awhile we have to have a Ricky picture just because he's so darn cute. Here's his latest favorite spot to hang out when he's outside.

Mon, Jun. 10, 2002 - You're so vain, well sort of.

You're so vain, well sort of.

We had a request for a solar eclipse picture. So how bright is the sun? Well this shot was taken at 1/2000 @ f22, with a 4x neutral density filter and two gradient filters. That wasn't enough, so I ended up also shooting it through the tinted windows of our truck. So that got the sky black, but the sun is still white. It ends up looking like a poorly exposed shot of the moon. Sure am glad I didn't spend a bunch of money flying somewhere to see this. (if the title for the picture doesn't make sense, think Carly Simon)

Tue, Jun. 11, 2002 - Mary, our hairdresser

Mary, our hairdresser

We were informed today by Mary, our hairdresser, that yesterday's solar eclipse was best around 5:15. We didn't look at it until around 6:30 so maybe there was more to it than we thought. The Eureka newspaper (called locally the Times-Substandard) didn't even have any articles about the eclipse either before or after it happened. I only found out about it from a web site I visit each morning, but not being local it didn't give an exact time.

Speaking of Mary, she is featured in today's photo, although she doesn't wear costumes like this when she cuts our hair. You can see more pictures of her and this 1880s bustle dress on the vintage fashion site.

Thu, Jun. 13, 2002 - At least it wasn't a Friday

At least it wasn't a Friday

The thirteenth happened to be very unlucky for the people who owned this house/church in Loleta. An unattended fire in a wood stove started a house fire, and the Ferndale Volunteer Fire Department was called to assist in putting it out. This was my first actual fire call, and since I had just received some training on Tuesday on pump operations with Company #1, it was interesting to see everything in action. Since I'm not officially a firefighter yet, my main duty was to watch the portable pond they had set up and co-ordinate the dumping of the tankers. Since much of this area is rural with no hydrants, a portable pond is set up which looks sort of like a doughboy pool. The tanker trunks then dump their full load of water into the pool where it can be pumped by the pumper trucks while the tanker heads to the nearest hydrant to refill. By the time Ferndale's crews got there, the building was pretty well engulfed, and an attic full of junk made it very hard to get the fire out. They think they may try an save the church section, but the house was a total loss.

Sat, Jun. 15, 2002 - Driving #3

Driving #3

Saturday morning I had more practice driving a fire truck, this time Company 3's. Terry, who is also a probationary member, is about a month ahead of me, but we both took turns driving the truck around the parking lot at the fairgrounds, and then drove it through the city streets as well. Not much acceleration in these things. They make those big U-haul trucks seem pretty peppy.

Sun, Jun. 16, 2002 - Galen in the garden

Galen in the garden

Ricky does more cute things than Galen, and so he gets featured as picture of the day more often than his brother. I actually took this picture earlier this week to help alleviate that imbalance, and I'm showing it today because Galen did something pretty cool this morning, whether he knew it or not. While Galen and Ricky have an easy time saying hello to their mother, they never met their father (or most likely, fathers). But when Galen was just a kitty, he instantly took a liking to Fred and we always thought that he must of adopted Fred as his father. So this morning on Father's Day, I spotted Galen in a part of the yard where he doesn't usually venture into, and he was just sitting there pensively looking at the spot where Fred is buried.

Fri, Jun. 21, 2002 - Alissa at the Victorian Inn

Alissa at the Victorian Inn

I'm putting together some package deals with the local inns to feature vintage clothing portraits so I've been working getting samples for web sites and room info packets. This weekend I hired Allisa, a professional model, to get a bunch of shots done. Friday night we shot at the Victorian Inn. Here she is wearing a 1930s bias silk gown and bed jacket.

Friday ended up being a very hectic day, with several non-scheduled events adding to the complexity. Hitting a bird and getting a flat on the motorcycle weren't in my original plans, and after getting back from photographing Alissa around 10:00, I had to respond to a brush fire out by the river. The only way you can get a brush fire in Ferndale is if you try real hard to set it. Fortunately it didn't spread very far and we got it out quickly. Then I had to get to work on completing a web site that a customer wanted done before Monday. Got to bed around 1:30am.

Sat, Jun. 22, 2002 - Alissa at the Gingerbread

Alissa at the Gingerbread

Today was spent doing several photoshoots with Alissa. We went out by the Van Duzen river near Bridgeville to shoot and then came back to Ferndale to shoot at the Empire Suite at the Gingerbread Mansion. I had arranged for Alissa and her fiance to stay at the inn, but they wanted to get back home after the shoot, so Lori and I enjoyed another stay in the luxurious suite.

Mon, Jun. 24, 2002 - Coming Along

Coming Along

The weekend ended doing a session with a mother and her two children. She had seen one of the photos of Jessica and Maren and wanted something similar. Between 2 days with Alissa, and the family shoot, I took over 500 pictures. Good thing I have a digital camera!

Today construction continued on the studio. They built the front partitions and leveled the floor in my office area so pens won't continually be rolling of the back of my desk. The floor sunk 1.5" in about the last 2 feet next to the wall, so my furniture would have been pretty cockeyed. Tomorrow they are going to start redoing the electrical, so we went over to pull a few boards down so they could run conduit. While we were there, Jessica and Maren stopped by so they got the tour, such as it is.

Thu, Jun. 27, 2002 - The Failed Rescue Attempt

The Failed Rescue Attempt

I'm in the process of moving some iris around and pulled up some of the black plastic I had in the back for weed control. Underneath was a large ant colony, with several large clusters of eggs. Most of the eggs were the small eggs I've usually seen ants try to move when their tunnels get wet. However in the middle there were quite a few of these larger sacs. With a little research on the web, I was able to find out these are pupae. It was quite interesting watching how 2 or 3 ants would coordinate moving the large cocoons down into their tunnels. Too bad their heroic rescue effort was all for naught. A few minutes later, a big rototiller came through and destroyed their entire neighborhood. Last time I saw them they were all filing in line, waiting to sign up for their government disaster relief funds.

Fri, Jun. 28, 2002 - Unidentified Harmless Snake

Unidentified Harmless Snake

As I moved on with the rototiller to the next patch, I disturbed another guest in our garden. As far as I know this is some type of garter snake. When I picked it up, it left a real musky odor on my hands, and I was able to find out that that is a characteristic of garter snakes. I couldn't find any good sources for identifying snakes on the web, so we'll have to leave it at that. It was a pretty good sized snake though, about 42 inches long.