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May 2002

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Wed, May. 1, 2002 - My Space

My Space

This is the inside of the building on Main Street that Aesthetic Design & Photography will be moving into. This will give me room to have a studio and gallery. There will be lots of work done on the interior, starting with an archeological dig of sorts. It will be interesting to see just how many different layers have been added to the interior walls, but the plan is to take it back to the original construction and then start over. We're not even sure what type of framing the walls have so that is the first thing we will attempt to find out. Hopefully we'll have it open in a couple of months, and we will of course keep you up to date with pictures.

Thu, May. 2, 2002 - Spinning Around

Spinning Around

In case you wanted to see more of this lovely building, I've put together a Quicktime VR panorama of it.

Fri, May. 3, 2002 - Round 'em Up

Round 'em Up

Lori and I were invited out to Phil Dwight's ranch to watch them mark this year's crop of calves. Unfortunately Lori woke up in the middle of the night with a really queasy stomach, so she stayed home. I don't think she would have like it anyways, there was a lot of blood involved. I was most impressed by the horses and how calm they remained while the calves were running around screaming and trying to escape, which in my mind was a totally appropriate behavior. I'm sure I'd be doing the same thing if somebody wanted to turn my testicles into a BBQ delicacy.

Sat, May. 4, 2002 - Not a Sports Car

Not a Sports Car

One thing that I don't think I have mentioned on the web site yet, but some of you may know, is that I am a probationary member of the Ferndale Volunteer Fire Department. Today I attended a training session where among other things, I got my first chance to drive a fire truck. They laid out a course where we had to perform several manuevers in forward and reverse, while trying to get the truck as close to certain cones while not knocking them over or going out of bounds. The two hardest for me were parallel parking, shown in the picture, and the slalom. The picture shows the amount of room we had to slide into, and had the picture been taken of my attempt, it would look completely different. I was informed that had there been a car back there instead of cones, there would have been insurance paperwork to fill out. The next obstacle to tackle was the slalom course. Everyone has seen these run on tv, usually with some very nimble sports car. Well let me tell you, a 30,000 lb fire truck is no sports car. Then to make it even harder, we had to back through the whole slalom. The problem with doing it backwards was that in order to see the cone in the rearview mirrors, you had to swing the truck around so hard, that it then made it hard to actually get around the cone without going out of bounds. All in all though, I made 5 errors that would have counted on the DMV test, and they allow you to make 11. But I will certainly want more practice before I go down to the DMV and try it for real.
The other sessions covered pump operation, helicopter procedures (watch out for the propellers was the short version), and aircraft rescue (dealing with airplane crashes, not rescuing by using airplanes). We were shown a great short movie and then several videos from actual local crashes. One was of an ambulance airplane that landed at McKinley Airport without the benefit of landing gear. I can imagine that pilot felt really stupid after that incident.

We've had a number of small earthquakes, starting at about 10:00 last night. 17 shakers in a 14 hour period.

Sun, May. 5, 2002 - She's Famous!

She's Famous!

Lori had her 15 minutes of fame yesterday. The Eureka Times-Standard ran the interview and pictures yesterday so as she walked around Ferndale everone recognized her and commented on the great article. A couple of benefits already is that she has already received a couple of offers to donate clothing, and I've had an offer from a model to help out.

Mon, May. 6, 2002 - Automatic Tree Pruning

Automatic Tree Pruning

Here we have totally appropriate deer behavior, munching on the abundant supply of willow trees that line the creek. This morning both Galen and Ricky were pretty interested in keeping the deer out of our yard, and surprisingly, the deer seemed to take them seriously. At one point, one of the deer even started barking at them. We were inside so we didn't really get to hear what their bark sounds like. I never thought that deer vocalized much, but Greg told me that they do on occasion, usually to warn their young. Yesterday we picked up some Liquid Fence to spray on the roses. It came highly recommended by a lady who has a wonderful garden, so she should know. We'll see how it works.

Tue, May. 7, 2002 - Kelsey


I met Kelsey while she was modeling for some hair product shots that Greg was photographing. Since she is very petite (5'-1") I knew she would be ideal for some of Lori's really tiny Victorian garments. One was this corset, that gave Kelsey the true exerience of being a Victorian lady. After wearing it for a few minutes, she felt faint, the first time I've had that happen to a model. Fortunately she got it loosened before anything serious happened, and after taking a breather we continued. I guess there's a lot of truth to the whole fainting couch and smelling salts routine you see and hear about in books and movies about the period. We ended up getting quite a few garments photographed so I will be busy doing updates to the Vintage Fashion web site over the next few weeks.

Wed, May. 8, 2002 - Jessica


While I was photographing Kelsey, Jessica W. came over to pick up her prints from the Benbow session. Since the lights were already set up we invited her back to model a few of the 20s and 30s lingeries pieces that we have. Here she is modeling a 30s silk bias gown. As the lingerie in the 20s and 30s fit very loosely, we had no problems with fainting models during this session.

Thu, May. 9, 2002 - Sleeping with the Moose

Sleeping with the Moose

This seems to be Ricky's latest favorite place to sleep. The moose are also some of Maren's favorite things to play with when she comes over, but she thinks they're cows.

Fri, May. 10, 2002 - Benson on Vacation

Benson on Vacation

Lori's project and my project ended up in the same room and this is the result. Her side of this composition, is Benson the Bear, who normally hangs out in the lounge at the Benbow Inn. Theresa, the owner saw the article about Lori and it gave her the idea to hire Lori to make some clothes for her and some of her bears. Every year the Benbow Inn has a big teddy bear tea and this year is the 100th anniversary of the teddy bear so it's going to be a big event. In addition to getting some new duds, Benson also had some surgery performed so that his head would stay up.

my contribution to the scene is the mannequin that just arrived that will be used in the shop window when the main street gallery opens. Since I hope to have the gallery open july 1st, I was planning on having her wear this dress for the grand opening, and have her holding a flag. She's a rather immodest gal though, and could definitely use a pair of underwear.

Sun, May. 12, 2002 - Benson, Archibold and Alice

Benson, Archibold and Alice

Here's Benson and his two little pals all dressed up for the Teddy Bear Tea that the Benbow Inn will be holding on Saturday. Benson is doing his best impersonation of Teddy Rosevelt, and on his lap is Archibold and Alice.

Tue, May. 14, 2002 - California Mille

California Mille

Today the California Mille came into Ferndale, which is basically a bunch of rich guys driving really expensive cars up and down the coast of California. The cars have to be from the 30s to the early 60s and are primarily sports cars. The drivers left Mendocino in the morning and arrived in Ferndale via the Lost Coast. Given that many of the cars were built in the era before disc brakes, I was really impressed that they didn't all end up in one big heap at the bottom of the hill going into Honeydew. The car pictured in today's picture was a very nice Porsche Speedster convertible which was my favorite, and pictured in the reflection is a turquoise woody stationwagon that was Jessica's favorite. She's obviously more practical than I am.

Wed, May. 15, 2002 - What happened to Petty Blue?

What happened to Petty Blue?

Another nice car was this Ferarri, running Richard Petty's favorite number.

Thu, May. 16, 2002 - Superhero Car

Superhero Car

As I was walking up to this rather unique expression of automotive art, these two kids came running up to it from the other direction. Their dad followed shortly, commenting, "Somehow I knew you guys would pick this one." I think you would need to have a youthful sense of humor to drive it, and having a Superman costume might help.

Fri, May. 17, 2002 - Grandma


Enough cars for the week, I'm probably boring the women. So here's some pretty flowers. But not any pretty flowers, this is a foxglove that came directly from Grandma's garden, so it is special. Our garden is still on hold due to a lack of deer fence, but it's nice to see a few of my favorites from my old garden blooming, plus a few additions. I did spray some Liquid Fence deer repellent on our roses today, so we'll see how that works out.

Sun, May. 19, 2002 - Problem #1

Problem #1

Most of yesterday was spent doing demolition in the shop on Main Street. Peeling back the layers was fun, but the new owner got her first lesson in owning a historic building; things are usually worse than they look. Case in point was the chimney. The actual chimney doesn't start until about 8 feet up, but the brick portion is supported by a mortar post, that as you can see in the picture is one shake away from dumping a 30ft high chimney in our office. It appears that we'll have lots of used brick for our garden.

Mon, May. 20, 2002 - Barn Owl

Barn Owl

Just as you come into Ferndale, on the right hand side there sits a large half barn. Not that half of it fell down, it was just built that way. This particular example must have been quite fancy in its prime, as it has quite a bit of gingerbread for a house, much less a barn. Unfortunately, it stands in the way of progress, sitting on a lot where the hardware store wants to relocate. Tough choice, save an old barn, or get a new hardware store. George Enos, the carriage driver, gave me a tour of the barn as I might be interested in saving some of the materials if it does get torn down for use in our new garage. While we were inside we disturbed this barn owl, who showed his displeasure by flying back and forth inside the barn. Quite a site as it had a very large wingspan.

Tue, May. 21, 2002 - What a Studly Building

What a Studly Building

I think I've mentioned before the contruction of our walls in our 1888 Victorian, that they are made up of redwood 1"x10". No lathe and plaster here. Well the commercial buildings on Main Street take that a step further. Instead of having studs spaced 16" apart, they are spaced 0" apart. The middle section of the wall is made up of 3"x6"s nailed to each other. Then the 1"x10" get nailed to each side of that. So you end up with a wall 8" thick of solid redwood. And that's why even with earthquakes and fires, these buildings are still here. But if you were to demolish them (ugh, the thought!) they would be worth more for the old growth redwood they contain than the actual real estate market value.

Sat, May. 25, 2002 - Kinetic Sculpture Race

Kinetic Sculpture Race

Well it's Memorial Day Weekend, and that means it's time for the big traditional race. No not that little event in Indianapolis, I'm talking about the Great Arcata to Ferndale Kinetic Sculpture Race. Lori and I got up to Arcata just as they left the starting line. We caught up to them as they were leaving Arcata and snapped a few pictures of them. Lori is on crutches nursing a sprained ankle (I'm prohibited from saying how it happened, if you want to know, you'll have to email her.) so we couldn't watch them cross the dunes. I also don't think she'll be able to manage the slippery slope which was so much fun last year. The vehicle pictured was easily our favorite, and I recognized the chassis as being the one from last years Mega-Sore-Ass, which was our favorite last year. So this team definitely puts together quality machines.

Sun, May. 26, 2002 - Sailing


It probably sounded like a good idea. Put a bunch of sails on your vehicle and let the wind do the work. However, leaving Arcata, there was a stiff headwind, and the team didn't seem to think about lowering the sails. I'm not sure if the judges award extra points for stupidity, but they might. It's that kind of race.

Mon, May. 27, 2002 - Tide Fools

Tide Fools

The official name of the "Big Lobster Thingy" was Tide Fools. The crew that was pedaling it all wore these great squid costumes. At least I think they were squid. After the race they were trying to correct the radio announcer who was missing the pun and was calling the machine Tide Pool. The finish line and radio announcers are right in front of the shop I'm opening, so next year it will be great publicity for the shop.