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October 2001

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Thu, Oct. 4, 2001 - Highway 36

Highway 36

We've been having excellent weather the last few days, probably the best string of warm weather since we've moved here. Got out the shorts and t-shirts, played in the garden, and went for a lot of motorcycle rides. Greg, a photographer in Fortuna, turned me on to Highway 36, and it has since become my favorite motorcycle road. Today Greg and I took off work early and went and took pictures along Hwy. 36. He also took some video, so I may have that shortly as well.

Fri, Oct. 5, 2001 - Ricky's Toy Grasshopper

Ricky's Toy Grasshopper

Lori left for Paula's house today, so I get to play bachelor for the next three days. Woohoo! Oh I'm sorry, the correct response is: "Boy I'm going to miss her". I'm most likely to spend the weekend cleaning my office and trying to get caught up now that I finally have my new replacement G4 computer.<\p>

Since Lori wasn't here this morning, it was my responsibility to let the cats out and keep an eye on them. The weather turned cooler today, so Ricky decided to bring his toy inside and play with it in the kitchen. His toy being a grasshopper, which are currently hopping around our yard in prodigious numbers. I covered it with the glass while I went and grabbed the camera, but shortly after taking the first picture, Fred came over to see what the commotion was about and promptly ate Ricky's toy. Crunch, crunch. Ricky wandered around the kitchen for awhile looking rather dejected that his new toy disappeared so quickly. Fred went back to taking his nap on the futon.

Sat, Oct. 6, 2001 - Ferndale Homecoming Parade

Ferndale Homecoming Parade

Ferndale is really into having parades. This weekend we actually had two parades, one on Saturday and another on Sunday. Saturday's parade was the homecoming parade, and featured the king and queen and the court being driven down Main Street followed by tractors pulling floats for each of the classes and a few other groups such as alumni, bands, etc. The photo was shot from the balcony of The Blacksmith shop. We should be having more pics of the parade on their web site soon.

Sun, Oct. 7, 2001

Sunday's parade I actually found out about after it happened. I was sitting in my office working when I noticed firetrucks driving down Grizzly Bluff with their red lights on. I thought that was odd because I didn't hear the volunteer siren go off. Then I noticed more trucks, and even more trucks. Pretty soon it was obvious there were more trucks than the Ferndale fire department has. When I started seeing white trucks and yellow trucks in the procession my curiosity really got to me, so I called my eye in town, the folks at the Victorian Inn, to see what was going on. Once a year the region's fire departments have a memorial for fallen firefighters and they start in McKinleyville and drive through all the towns ending up in Fortuna. This annual parade had special significance this year, for the numbers of firefighters lost in New York last month.

Mon, Oct. 8, 2001

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Lori got her long awaited Myst III game so we've been busy playing that at night.

Fri, Oct. 12, 2001

Lori and I took off around noon for Grandma's house. Over the bridge and through the woods we went. Lori promised that she wouldn't complain about me driving too fast if she got to drive on the way home. She made it without complaining if you don't count body language.

Sat, Oct. 13, 2001

I have a couple of rolls of film I've been trying to finish, so I actually shot some real film this weekend. That means I need to get it developed before I can share the pictures. So I will have them later this week hopefully. I continued my Mr. Fix-It impersonation at Grandma's house but ran out of luck getting her weed torch working since we had to order the propane tank. Later we went book shopping for Lori, and then we finished up the day with pizza and pinochle.

Sun, Oct. 14, 2001 - Eureka Sunset

Eureka Sunset

After church (Grandma was very persuasive) we potted up a few foxglove plants to take home, played one more game of pinochle, and then it was time to head back home. Fortunately the drive to Myrtle Creek is much easier to take than the drive to the Bay Area, because it is a bit shorter, and it has much better scenery, less traffic and curvier roads. We enjoyed great weather all weekend and it was nice to have the top off of the Del Sol again. Coming home I thought it was going to be a nice sunset but where I wanted to stop we still had a few hours before the sun hit the horizon. We needed to get home early so Lori could pick up the bunny from Jessica's house. So we hit the sunset just as we crossed the bridge back into Eureka. From Grandmother's house, through the woods, across the bridge we go! Since I kept my part of the deal, Lori got to drive home, so I leaned out the window and took this picture of the sunset. Not the prettiest foreground, but it was a very impressive sunset even so.

Mon, Oct. 15, 2001 - Sunset Season Again

Sunset Season Again

This morning when I awoke I was sad to see that it was so dark and yet it was time to get up. I was thinking I really hated this time of year. Then I got into the kitchen and saw the beautiful sunrise and I remembered how many beautiful mornings we had here during the fall and winter last year. So I just have to remember that I have something to look forward to after I drag my lazy butt out of bed each morning. Then to top it off, we got a beautiful surprise sunset this evening. Earlier in the day we had the right type of clouds for an impressive sunset, but about a half hour before sunset it got real dark and cloudy so I didn't expect much. I went back to work when Lori came running into the office and yelled "Grab your camera!" Kind of looks like a big bird swooping down.

Sat, Oct. 20, 2001 - Lori & Jessica Playing Dressup

Lori & Jessica Playing Dressup

Jessica and Lowell wanted some period pictures of their entire family so they came over tonight and played dress up. While we had everything set up we also took some pictures of a few pieces that we wanted to get photographed for Lori's web site. The dress that Lori is wearing is the first vintage dress I bought Lori.

Sun, Oct. 21, 2001 - Riding off into the sunset

Riding off into the sunset

This morning we awoke to light rain and heavy fog and it looked like it was going to be an indoor day. Galen complained all morning about not being able to go outside. I spent the morning cleaning the garage and then decided to do a bit of work on the computer. Around 2:00, the skies cleared and it turned out to be a really nice day. Lori let the cats out and I decided I should go out for a ride and try to finish the roll of film that I started last weekend. With no real destination in mind, I ended up at Tim Phillis' ranch. Tim if you remember is the guy that towed my truck off of the beach. I went out to his ranch to see if the motocross track was being used since they usually run on Sunday afternoons. I figured that would be a good place to finish the roll. But it was so much fun I rode back home and got my digital camera and continued shooting pictures until the sun went down. It didn't hurt that we had a spectacular sunset as a backdrop. That's Tim flying through the sky.

Mon, Oct. 22, 2001 - Amazing men & their flying machines

Amazing men & their flying machines

Another shot from yesterday's motocross action. This one gives you a better idea of how large the jump really is. The rider looked like he was about 17 years old and he was pretty talented.

I'm filling out more paperwork for our garage permit tonight. This is a real question on the form:
Is the proposed building or structure designed to be used for designing, producing, launching, maintaining, or storing nuclear weapons or the components of nuclear weapons?
Geez, not that I'm aware of.

Letters to the editors in the Eureka paper generally either lean way left or way right, there doesn't seem to be much middle ground here in Humboldt County. So debate about what to do about Omar Bin Laden has been very polarized and I haven't agreed with most of the letter writers. This one at least gave me a chuckle though and it is one of the best solutions I've heard to date.

Fri, Oct. 26, 2001 - False Moonrise

False Moonrise

Today's picture probably makes you think it is a moonrise. Actually, it is a sunset. I was outside gettting my motorcycle ready for tomorrow's ride when I noticed the sun just breaking through the fog that was rolling in. So I ran in to the house and grabbed the camera and managed to take a few pictures before the effect disappeared. Now it just needs a kid flying through the picture on a bicycle.

Sat, Oct. 27, 2001 - Ridin' with Dale

Ridin' with Dale

Sometime last month Lori and I went to the Ingomar Club for a new member welcome and since I also had to pick up my Triumph from the dealer, I went to the club on the Triumph. That was a big hit with several members including the president, Jim Morrison. He introduced me to Dale who is the son of the local muffler baron. Dale is also the secretary of Far West, a local trails riding club and he invited me to join them. He also took me on a personal tour of the south fork mountains today. It was some of the most challenging riding I've done offroad and at times I felt really good about the improvement I'm making on the dirt bike. Dale and I had plenty of chances to talk and there were a couple of weird coincidences. First, the KLX I bought most likely was previously owned by Jim Morrison (not the dead rock singer). I bought it from a dealer who had it on consignment, and from the brief description he gave me of the previous owner, it sounds like it was probably Jim. Even weirder though, Dale, who has spent his whole life living in Eureka, knew about Shurra's candy store and was surprised to find out we previously lived around the corner from it. Seems that those muffler people hang together, and he knew the owners of the Babe's muffler chain, and remembered this great candy store on the Alameda that was just down the street from Babe's.

Tue, Oct. 30, 2001 - Jessica and the big hat

Jessica and the big hat

While I was taking the pictures of Jessica and her family last week, I got the idea for this shot, which we did tonight. When Jessica came over tonight, she brought over a book, "California Couture", which includes three pictures of her modeling. Jessica's maiden name is Couture, how weird is that? When she was modeling everybody thought she made her name up. Lori was familiar with the book also because they did an article about Marian Clayden in it and there is a picture of Lori in the book and it even mentions her by name. So this one book has pictures and mentions by name both Lori Knowles and Jessica Couture. How weird is that?

Wed, Oct. 31, 2001 - Up in flames

Up in flames

One of my assignments today was to photograph a tiny electronic device. What makes this device unique for the customer is it has an extended temperature range where it can function safely. Did I mention it is also a tiny device? So to give some sense of scale and to convey the extended temperature feature, I photographed it next to a lit match. That great texture in the set comes from one of Lori's cast iron frying pans. So did the client love it? Well not exactly. He agreed it was a great shot, but worried about the connotations of their parts catching things on fire. Back to the drawing board. Speaking of drawing boards, the entire top surface of the chip was done in Photoshop since the real parts have a part number and date code, not the Halo logo.