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September 2001

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Sat, Sep. 1, 2001 - Blake and his ST

Blake and his ST

Blake, one of the guys I went to Colorado with, came up for the labor day weekend. Today we rode Avenue of the Giants, and then did the Lost Coast loop. About 140 miles to end up back where we started. Finished it off with another great meal at Ivanhoe's.

Sun, Sep. 2, 2001 - Low Flying Aircraft

Low Flying Aircraft

Today's ride took Blake and I on Hwy 36 to Red Bluff, Platina Rd to Redding, and then 299 back to Eureka. Just over 400 miles of riding to end up back where we started. Hwy 36 is probably the best motorcycle road I've been on. 140 miles of curves, no traffic, no cops (not that I'm doing anything illegal Mom & Dad) and beautiful scenery. Had to contend with a large contingent of forestry fire vehicles on the way back that were driving very slow. It's no wonder that these forest fires get out of control, the forestry service doesn't know how to drive like you're going to a fire. Lori had another great beef dinner waiting for us when we returned, making it three nights of great beef dinners in a row since we all had filet mignon at the Ingomar on Friday, prime rib at Ivanhoe's on Saturday, and then Lori's beef burgundy on Sunday. Just doing our part to support the local beef industry.

Mon, Sep. 3, 2001 - Tacky Tourist Stuff

Tacky Tourist Stuff

The final day of our motorcycle trilogy was spent riding the Bear River Ridge loop. This is a shorter ride, only about 40 miles total. We then followed that up by taking the KLX and the ATV down to the river to play. I joined the club of people who have crashed the KLX. Did a nice face plant after losing the front end in a big rut. Damage is a sore neck and finger, but fortunately nothing too serious. Ended up spending about 20 hours riding this weekend, most of it under beautiful sunny skies. Just about the perfect weekend. Great riding, company, food and weather. I hope everyone else enjoyed their Labor Day weekend as much as I did.

Tue, Sep. 4, 2001 - Babysitting Maren

Babysitting Maren

Lori and Jessica have been trying to get together for months to have Jessica practice patternmaking using the parts of Lori's book that have been written so far. First it was Jessica being busy with the Majestic, and then Lori being busy with Tommy, so they kept putting it off. Finally today they were going to get together but then Lowell got busy due to the Victorian Inn being sued (more on that later). So I volunteered to babysit Maren for the evening so Lori and Jessica wouldn't be interupted. I really enjoyed playing Dad for about two hours. That was just about right. We took some nice walks, took a few great pictures, and I didn't have to change a single diaper. Today's picture was captured on our front porch just as the sun was sinking below the horizon.

Wed, Sep. 5, 2001 - Maren's "Chuckie" impersonation


Today's picture was taken during the same session as yesterday's. I was having fun making her laugh but if you didn't know it, you might suspect that she was doing an impression of the doll from the Chuckie series of horror movies. I'm sure this will be one to save until she has her first boyfriend. "Now if you don't bring her home by 10pm, this is what happens to her."

Fri, Sep. 7, 2001 - Love Letters

Love Letters

The Ferndale Rep started their 30th season today with a play called "Love Letters". A two person play, it starred René Auberjonois and Marilyn McCormick. The play is about two friends letters that are being read back and forth, starting out with the two attending childhood birthday parties and ending with the death of one of them many years later. It covered the whole spectrum of emotions and was really well written. René is a long time friend of Marilyn, and is best known as playing Clayton on the TV series Benson, and Odo, in Star Trek's Deep Space Nine. After the play was over he answered questions from the audience and did a hilarious rendition of a song he did for one of the characters in Disney's "The Little Mermaid".

Sat, Sep. 8, 2001 - Civil War Ball

Civil War Ball

This weekend in Fortuna there is a Civil War reenactment going on, and they had a Ball after all the men were done slaughtering each other. So Lori and I, along with Jessica and Lowell got dressed up and went dancing. I don't think I've done the Virginia Reel since our wedding, but since most of the other people weren't experts it didn't matter too much and we all had fun. There was a contingent of men dress in red trousers that appeared to be Greek costumes. I'm not sure how that related to the Civil War. There was also one very spirited gentleman wearing a kilt, and from my history books I sure don't remember the Scottish being involved in the War of Northern Agression.

Tue, Sep. 11, 2001 - The Watering Hole

The Watering Hole

Every web site today offers pictures of planes flying through buildings. I've had enough. I thought I would offer something a little more peaceful. This picture is a watering hole near Honeydew. I only wish I could have offered the sound file as well.

Wed, Sep. 12, 2001 - Worked better with the ATV

Worked better with the ATV

This weekend I am hiring a model to do several photoshoots and one that I had planned was going to take place on the far end of Centerville Beach where there is a bunch of huge pieces of driftwood. I came across this area while riding the ATV and thought it would be interesting for an early morning photoshoot. Since I need to transport the model, the make-up person, Lori, myself, and all my photogear, I figured I would drive down the beach, which is legal. I had seen similar trucks do it all the time, but I wanted to do a test before the real deal. As you can see the test failed. I ended up having to call around to find someone with a huge farm tractor to pull it out. As it turns out though the guy that ended up helping me was someone I had wanted to meet anyways, although under better circumstances. He's a big time motocross rider and several people have mentioned his name to me as someone I should get to know. The price for towing my truck off the beach is to take him and his wife out to dinner at Ivanhoe's. Pretty good punishment for doing something stupid if you ask me. And further proof that Ferndale is a really great place to live! Needless to say, I am working on Plan B for the photoshoot.

Sat, Sep. 15, 2001 - Lilli


Today was supposed to be the big photoshoot on the beach. Unfortunately I found out yesterday that today was a statewide beach cleanup day so that didn't work out. Instead we went back to one of my favorite spots, Lost Coast Ranch. We followed that up with a shoot at the watering hole featured in a photo earlier this week. The model is Lilli and we shot pretty much all day Saturday and Sunday morning so I'll be adding lot's more pictures to Lori's vintage fashion web site in the coming weeks. The lighting throughout the day was very nice and it was one of the most successful shooting ratios I've ever had. I was really happy with the results and it was great being outdoors and away from the television for awhile.

Sun, Sep. 16, 2001 - Lilli's Back

Lilli's Back

After finishing up the shoot with Lilli in the morning, Lori and I went on the Ferndale home tour. They had two old houses, two new houses, one hotel (the Ivanhoe) and one Victorian apartment. The apartment was the most interesting as it is the apartment over Ring's Pharmacy. The Ring's Pharmacy is one of the oldest businesses in Ferndale, and the apartment has been occupied by four generations of the Ring family. Originally the back part of the upstairs was going to be the residence for the pharmacist's family, with the front half being a doctor's office for his brother. But getting ill and elderly people up the steep stairs wasn't very easy so the family ended up taking over the entire upstairs. It was really interesting seeing how comfortable the upstairs was. It was nicely decorated and the rooms were very generously sized. The parlor was especially nice as it featured lots of wood and a very interesting bay window.

There was also an ice cream social going on that was a fundraiser for the Ferndale high school cheerleaders, but since it was cold and drizzly all day that wasn't a huge success.

Sun, Sep. 23, 2001 - Warren's Senior Picture

Warren's Senior Picture

Lori and I didn't have any plans for today so we decided to explore. First we went to the Fort Humboldt state park which didn't take as much time to explore as I thought it would. So we ended up going to the Fortuna museum and dug for some more family history. We came up with a few more details and some more leads to check out. Lori came across a high school yearbook for the years that both Warren (1907) and Muriel (1914) graduated. When Dad showed me the photo album that Grandpa put together, I was amazed to see how much I had in common with him. Well, from the yearbook, I can see that he had something in common with Derek too. Aside from the obvious physical appearance that Derek shares with him, there is one other major trait they shared. Warren also liked to debate. Unfortunately for Warren, his favorite topic of debate was socialism and this didn't seem to be a popular topic in Fortuna at that time. The yearbook gave us a few other insights into our Grandfather: He must have been late to school a lot. One page in the yearbook had a spreadsheet type format with the following info listed for Warren: Appearance: Cunning
Distinguishing Characteristics: Talking Socialism
Lacks: Being ahead of time
Favorite Expression: "that clock's fast"
Will Become: A reformer

He was also listed as playing in a school play, and there are a few other mentions of him.
One section had Picture, followed by something illogical for that person, for example:
Picture Warren Knowles coming early to school.

Another section called "How we Know" listed the names in the graduating class and their major identifying traits such as their dimples, curls or snoring. Warren is listed as:
By comparison with W.J. Bryan, Upton Sinclair, and others.

A further section was entitled "Wouldn't it be well to introduce" followed by this partial sampling of entries:
Clyde Johnston to a comb.
Diamond Garland to some Ferndale boy.
Warren Knowles to a book on oratory.

Mon, Sep. 24, 2001 - William's Creek Spring

William's Creek Spring

This was a bad week for remembering important birthdays. As Melissa and Emily know by now, their Uncle Matt more often than not sends them a belated birthday card. I can now add Lauren to this tradition. Melissa and Lauren, I apologize, and if it's any consolation, I also forgot to send the house payment. Now where did I put those memory pills I bought? I'm thinking the next addition to the web site might be a family calendar where we can keep track of such things. I've looked at a few for clients and they look pretty nifty. I used to have a program on my computer that reminded me of upcoming dates, but I've been moving things around on computers so much lately I've lost track of it.

You might be wondering about the significance of today's picture. Well obviously the picture shows some ferns and other vegetation, and while ferns have some relation to Ferndale, there is something more important about these particular ferns than that they just happen to live in Ferndale. You see these particular ferns are growing around the entrance to the little cave where there is a spring. And that particular spring is where the Knowles family gets their water. Saturday the Williams Creek Water Co. had a picnic up by the reservoir so we got a tour of the reservoir and the spring that feeds it. This private company was formed over a hundred years ago and serves about 20 houses in the area. Not only do we get good tasting spring water with no clorination, we get all the water we need for only $38 a year. Yes, that's per year!

Tue, Sep. 25, 2001 - William's Creek Reservoir

William's Creek Reservoir

To continue our tour of the William's Creek Water Co. facilities, today's picture shows you the reservoir. Sorry, no water skiing allowed. Not sure what that green thing is floating in the water. Maybe I should call Erin Brokovich.

Wed, Sep. 26, 2001 - Stinging Nettle

Stinging Nettle

While on our tour of the William's Creek Water Co. reservoir, our host pointed out some Stinging Nettle plants. Having encountered the stinging nettle in England, I made sure I gave the plants a wide berth. Unfortunately, one little girl didn't pay attention to the warning and found out first hand how some plants are nicer than others. A young guy enlightened us all on how if you cut the plant at the stalk, you can use the plant's milk as an anti-dote of sorts for the sting. Some of us were a bit skeptical of trying out his advice, but researching it on the web seems to prove he was right. Just to make sure I don't ever forget what this nasty plant looks like, I took a picture of it. If you come to visit and go hiking in our forests up here, you might want to memorize this picture too.

Thu, Sep. 27, 2001 - Class Clown

Class Clown

If Ricky had ever graduated from high school, he certainly would have been voted class clown. He always manages to be doing something rather silly. Here he's doing his impersonation of ET, hiding among the stuffed animals. 20 moose and one Ricky. Unfortunately, the moose he knocked on the ground gave him away.