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August 2001

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Wed, Aug. 1, 2001 - Interior of Abigail's

Interior of Abigail's

My Mac G4 has been experiencing technical problems for the last few weeks and yesterday it got critical. It was freezing every few minutes due to some as yet unknown hardware problem, so while it is in the shop I am working on my backup computer. In the process of switching the files to the old machine, I managed to delete a bunch of files. I may have them on a backup DVD disc, but only the G4 can read them so I won't know for awhile how much I've lost. I always stress to my clients how important it is to backup your work, so I'm eating a bit of crow on this one.

Thu, Aug. 2, 2001 - Exterior of Abigail's

Exterior of Abigail's

While Lori was rehearsing again, I went to the Ingomar for their Annual Garden Barbecue. Here's the report of what I had:
Rabbit Sausage - Very good, I'm not sure if you could really identify what kind of meat goes into sausage anyways.
Barbecued Oysters - After trying mussels earlier, I thought I would give oysters a try too. Not as bad as the mussels, but still not something I'd be ordering.
Steamed Clams - These had a good butter sauce poured over them. Very tasty.
Quail Eggs topped with caviar - These looked like little hard boiled eggs cut in half. They had some tiny orange fish eggs on top of them. I'll take your ordinary deviled eggs anyday.
Sweet and Sour Elk Meatballs - Delicious. I wonder if you can swap out the elk and use deer instead?
Assorted salads. - Pretty basic.
Open Pit Barbecued Moose Tenderloin - Tender was right! I think the guy cutting the meat heard me talking to one of the other guests about being a meat and potato guy so he cut me this huge slab of moose. As if there wasn't enough to eat. But it was very delicious so I managed to eat it all.
Smoked Pheasant Raviolis - I don't remember much about them. I think by the time I got to them I was stuffed.
Corn on the cob - Yep, that's right, just plain old corn on the cob.
Danish Bleu Cheese Potatoes - Very yummy, completed the meat and potatoes portion of the meal.
Lobster Stuffed with Scallops - From the few bites that I tried it was very delicious. I see now why people rave about lobster. Unfortunately by then I was stuffed full of moose. Plus I saw the dessert coming and people were already raving about it.
Apple Brandy Cobbler with Buttermilk Cinnamon Ice Cream - Finished off the meal with a delicious concoction. Wish I had the recipe.
So that's like twelve courses that I downed. I don't know how I managed it except that most of it was so delicious I had to try.

Fri, Aug. 3, 2001 - The Ingomar Club

The Ingomar Club

I went to the fair today to drop off some more of my pictures for the fair. I dropped off two others last week for the juried exhibit, unfortanately they didn't get accepted. I guess the judge wasn't a fan of Ferndale sunsets.

Mon, Aug. 6, 2001 - View of Ferndale

View of Ferndale

Yesterday we had a cable modem installed. Yippee! Finally high speed Internet access in Ferndale! My computer is still in the shop though. They don't know what's wrong with it yet, but at least it's failing on them too.

Sunday the weather in Ferndale was absolutely gorgeous. I went dirtbiking with Mike Aikmen, who is the husband of Lori's former boss at West Valley. We left around 9:30 and as we were loading up the bikes I was already getting too warm. We rode around for a few hours (I'm still sore from the exercise) and during one break Mike commented that it must be at least 70 degrees. I looked at him increduously and said it must be a lot hotter than that. On the way back home I looked at the thermometer in the truck and it only read 68 degrees. I guess when the average is in the high 50's - low 60's, 68 feels pretty warm. I guess I've acclimated to Ferndale's weather. Yesterday and today the weather was back to normal, foggy in the morning, overcast most of the day.

Thu, Aug. 9, 2001 - Name the Bunny

Name the Bunny

The Humboldt County Fair opened today, and Lori wasted no time picking out the newest member of our household. This as yet unnamed bunny is a Netherland Dwarf, and they are only about 2 pounds when full grown. So far only Fred has seen the bunny and he wasn't sure what to do. Ricky was more interested in the box that the bunny came in, but then Ricky always has had a box fetish.

I also checked out my photographs, I received a second place in the professional color category for the Aliens in Ferndale shot. I'm not sure what happened in the black and white category because it didn't look like they awarded any ribbons in that category.

Sat, Aug. 11, 2001 - Ricky says hello to Sophie

Ricky says hello to Sophie

This morning we introduced our cats to the new bunny, who has been named Sophie. Fortunately they don't view Sophie as a cat, so they didn't feel the need to hiss at her. Also they don't view Sophie as food, so they didn't feel the need to kill her. They really aren't sure what to make of her, but they seem to be more scared of her than she is of them. Kind of amazing seeing that they are about 5 times bigger than her.

Also today I started hanging some of the antique lights we bought. The first one went up in a jiffy and replaced the worst fixture in the house, the light over the stove. The next one turned into a typical old house project, meaning it mushroomed out of control. When I removed the old fixture, I saw that there wasn't a junction box installed. So I thought I would install one. Then I found that the ceiling isn't sheetrock, it is plywood installed over the redwood sheething found throughout the house. This made cutting the hole a lot harder. But there were other problems so I took a look in the attic and started tracing the wire, and found I need to redo some of the wiring since the previous owner followed the procedures laid out in the Mickey Mouse School of Electrical Engineering. I had Lori check the local hardware store for a 4" hole saw and they didn't have one so the project came to a halt. So instead I moved on to drawing plans for the new garage.

Sun, Aug. 12, 2001 - Got Milk?

Got Milk?

As I previously mentioned, this week the Humboldt County Fair is in operation in Ferndale. Interesting that Ferndale gets to host the county fair, but I can't think of a better place for it. This is fairs like they used to be, exhibits of vegetables, flowers, art, and lots of animals (some which end up coming home with you). Of course being Ferndale, there are lots of cows to be shown. Derek & Jasna, someday when Lauren asks, "Where does milk come from?", you can show her this picture. The cows weren't the only animals that looked like they were overdue for milking. There were some goats that also looked like they could explode any minute. Looks mighty uncomfortable for walking.

Mon, Aug. 13, 2001 - Big time gambling

Big time gambling

After we took in the exhibits and the various animal barns, we went over to the main attraction at the fair, the horse and mule racing. Here's a tip for you, don't bet on a horse ridden by a jockey who wears a pink shirt. I ended up losing $10 for the day but I looked at it as fairly cheap entertainment. Lowell Jr. had never been to a horse race before and got off to an auspicious start. His first pick got about 30 yards out of the gate and then stopped. Didn't have an accident or anything, it just appeared to quit. His next pick finished the race -- in last place. The next race that we bet on was the only race we one, only he bet $7 and I only bet $2. So he made back his $20 he started with plus he made a buck. I got back $6 on my $2 bet which meant I was still in the hole, so I bet it all on the last race. Put it on a long shot and after the race was over I understood why he was a long shot. Oh well, it was all in good fun

Thu, Aug. 16, 2001 - Flamingos and Palm Trees

Flamingos and Palm Trees

Sometimes the more things change, the more they stay the same. Those of you still stuck in San Jose should appreciate this. The latest big controversy in Eureka was the planting of rows of palm trees outside the county jail. It seems that state regulations only allow certain types of trees planted next to jails for security reasons. So here in sunless Eureka, we now have palm trees. Someone thought it was so funny, they snuck over to the jail at night and planted a dozen pink flamingoes to complete the scene.

Also I need to provide an update on the entry for 8/6. The weekly Ferndale paper reported the high temp for that week to be 79, so I don't trust my truck's thermometer one bit now. It sure seemed hotter than 69.

Fri, Aug. 17, 2001 - Let there be light

Let there be light

As I mentioned a few days ago, I had started installing some of the antique light fixtures we recently purchased. The picture shows the first two that we've hung, the one over the stove and the one in the sitting area. After installing the junction boxe and redoing some sub-standard wiring, the second fixture is installed. I went on to the third fixture and it's pretty much the same story. In cutting the hole for the first one we did find an old wallpaper sample though that was pretty neet. Something for the scrapbook. The construction of out house is very different from any other old house I'm used to but quite common up here since redwood was so plentiful. Rather than lathe and plaster like most old houses, the walls are covered in horizontally laid 1"x12" redwood boards (real 1" too!). The ceilings are the same. It's a nice feature because not only does it provide sheer strength which is needed in this part of the country, but it also makes it very easy to hang things on the walls. Drive a nail anywhere and you hit wood. They then covered the walls with burlap, and then the burlap was covered with wallpaper. In most of the house the redwood has now been covered with sheetrock, but in the kitchen the ceiling was covered with 3/8" plywood. When we cut through the plywood we found the paper sandwiched between the two layers of wood.

Sat, Aug. 18, 2001 - And there was light

And there was light

Finished installing the light fixtures we bought. The one pictured for today is in the parlor. It is a double kerosene lamp that hasn't been electrified. Since there wasn't a ceiling fixture in the parlor anyways, we decided to leave it as a kerosene fixture. Could come in handy during those rolling blackouts. Eventually we want the parlor to be a museum room, so it will be cool to show it of with true period lighting.

Sun, Aug. 19, 2001 - Sonny & Emmet

Sonny & Emmet

Spent the day riding down to San Jose on the Sprint so that I could attend a one hour meeting with a potential client on Monday. A late start meant traffic was terrible so I didn't get to San Jose until about 7:30. I wanted to see Carol and John's horses so I went to their house before it got dark. On the way to Hollister I noticed all the traffic going into San Jose and I just didn't feel like fighting my way into the Bay Area for the second time in one day so I ended up spending the night at their house.

Had my one hour meeting which later turned out to be fruitless. So 700 miles and 15 hours of riding were for naught. But at least I got to have donuts with Derek, the highlight of the trip. Well, that's if I don't count the deer I almost creamed at 80mph. Have I mentioned I really hate deer?

Tue, Aug. 21, 2001 - Lace her up

Lace her up

This is from the latest shoot for Lori's vintage fashion web site. We took these pictures at the Hotel Ivanhoe here in Ferndale. I'm working on the hotel's web site right now. The pictures were taken in the upstairs parlor. The hotel and restaurant are closed Mon and Tue nights so I can use the rooms those two nights to do photoshoots.

Thu, Aug. 23, 2001 - Instrument of Death

Instrument of Death

I have to warn you that today's entry is a bit disgusting. My usual morning routine after I wake is to get the paper off the front porch, and then I go to the back porch to let the cats out of their night lockup. This morning I noticed that Galen had a hairball stuck to his chin. It appeard to be stuck by a string of something, so that when ever he moved his head this little hairball thing would swing like a pendulum. I tried getting it off of him but since he doesn't usually like me touching him he ran around, looking very silly with his pendulating hairball. I finally caught him and was able to remove it. At first look it appeared to be what I thought it was, a hairball. But upon closer inspection I noticed two small projections. When it started moving, I looked even closer and saw that the two projections were the eyes of a slug. A slug that Galen had managed to eat and keep down long enough for it get wrapped up like a cocoon in the hair that normally inhabits a cat's stomach. Either Galen finally decided he didn't like the taste of slugs, or he really objected to it sliming around the inside of his stomach. But either way he decided to get rid of it and so there it was, hanging on his chin. So remember folks, when you're eating those slugs, make sure you kill them first by biting their heads off first.

This morning it was raining so when I went out to get the paper I decided to go around the yard and kill snails and slugs. I figured Galen would appreciate it. I lost count of the number of victims that fell to my trusty but rusty X-acto knife, but it was certainly a devastating blow to the gastropod community. Not that they aren't likely to recover from my slaughter.

Sun, Aug. 26, 2001 - John on the KLX

John on the KLX

John and Carol came up to visit this weekend making it two weekends in a row that I saw them. Saturday John and I took the bikes into Bear River valley for a morning ride, and then they went to see the final perfomance of Tommy in the afternoon. Lori had very mixed feelings about the final performance, it will be nice to have more free time, but she really enjoyed the comraderie of the other actors and will miss them. Thursday night the show was a benefit for the actors and stage crew and they sold out the house. After splitting the proceeds between the large cast and crew she netted about $60, bringing her average wage for the production to somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 cents per hour. Still I think she is very glad she had the chance to be a part of it.

Sunday, John and I had part two of our motorized weekend, taking the KLX and the quad down to the river. We had fun until a loose hose clamp on the KLX put it out of commission. So the rest of the afternoon was spent working on the Sprint and the KLX.

Fri, Aug. 31, 2001 - Cats vs. Deer (part II)

Cats vs. Deer (part II)

I really don't understand our cats. They are afraid of Sophie the bunny who is 1/6 their weight, while Sophie is totally fearless of the cats. Then on the other hand, Galen and Ricky are both very curious about the deer that show up in the yard and will aproach them pretty close. Usually, as in the case today, the deer end up being afraid of the cats and they are the ones that go running off. So maybe we don't need that watchdog after all, we just need to let the cats out more.