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July 2001

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Mon, Jul. 2, 2001 - Sarah


Today was my first day of working with a new model, Sarah. I met Sarah when she was working at the fruit stand in Fernbridge. We were supposed to do the shoot in the Hotel Ivanhoe, but the innkeepers forgot and weren't there to open up for us. So a quickly organized Plan B took us to Centerville Beach and then to the Lost Coast Ranch. All in all, Plan B was the much better plan as we were rewarded with one of the most beautiful sunsets yet. I know I keep saying that, but this one really was spectacular.

Tue, Jul. 3, 2001 - My Galen Rowell Impression

My Galen Rowell Impression

Today's shot was taken shortly after I finished shooting Sarah. So if I told you this was shot by Galen Rowell, would you believe me? This one's definitely going in the keeper file.

Wed, Jul. 4, 2001 - Ferndale's 4th

Ferndale's 4th

The 4th in Ferndale began with a trip to the Eel River with Linda and her dogs, Mercy & Breeze. You can check out their trip report on her site. Then we went into Ferndale to watch the parade, which was quite fun. It came complete with fire engines and Shriners driving around in little cars. From there we went to the picnic hosted by the Ferndale Rep, and then later to the Celebrate America show at the Rep. Today's shot is the grand finale where they dropped a patriotic load of balloons from the ceiling. The show featured a band, choir, barbershop quartet, and a few solos. Patriotic songs were sung and poems were read. In just a few minutes our big Knowles fireworks bash begins. Hopefully I'll make it through it to report on it tomorrow.

Thu, Jul. 5, 2001 - Double Bambi

Double Bambi

The evening of the fourth ended up being wet, so I didn't take the camera out to record our fireworks. Once I figured out how to light them in the rain we had fun. (I finally resorted to using a butane soldering torch) Like most things you remember as a child, the fireworks of my youth seemed a lot bigger. The first few fountains only went up about 2-3 feet. I was thinking, "That's it?" We saved the biggest ones for last and they were pretty fun. Lot's of noise. It was fun having Linda in town, and we're looking forward to the visits next week from the other siblings.

For awhile, Linda didn't believe all of our deer reports as they were staying out of view. But the last evening we got to watch several at dinner time and the next morning we were treated to these two fawns and their mother.

What Linda and Lori missed while they were out eating pizza though was once again I found myself in the cattle business. I returned home from getting my haircut to find 9 cows wandering around behind our garage. Fortunately I was able to round 8 of them up into our corral and the last one took off down the creek. So no damage to the yard. I'll have to think of some other excuse for why it still looks so bad.

Fri, Jul. 6, 2001 - More backyard wildlife

More backyard wildlife

Another deer photo from yesterday morning.

Sat, Jul. 7, 2001 - I want to be a Shriner

I want to be a Shriner

Here's another shot from the 4th. What's a small town parade without a bunch of Shriner's driving around in midget cars?

My camera batteries were charging this morning so I didn't take my camera on my trip today. I rode down to Healdsburg, then over to the coast and back up Highway 1. 460 miles of riding and I'm pooped.

Sun, Jul. 8, 2001 - Ruth Lake

Ruth Lake

Sunday morning we had no plans for the day. With all of Lori's work for Tommy!, we haven't seen each other much lately, so around 11:00 I asked her what she wanted to do. We decided to head up to Ruth Lake to go for a swim. We ended up renting a speed boat for the afternoon and had a blast. Lori had fun bouncing around on an inner-tube, and I enjoyed being in the sun. Lori took a picture of me driving the boat, but I was afraid my pasty white skin might be too scary for some folks. So I decided to use the picture of the beautiful cove instead.

Mon, Jul. 9, 2001 - A rare buck

A rare buck

Here's something that Linda didn't get to see. We've had baby dear and momma dear pictures this last week, so to be fair, here's the male side of the family. We don't see bucks very often, and they aren't the ones with the huge racks, but they are taller and bigger than the females. I saw this one from the bathroom window and snuck outside to take some pictures. He was actually kind of curious about me and came closer for a better look.

Wed, Jul. 11, 2001 - Sara & her twin

Sara & her twin

Nothing but work the last few days. But since I picked up the release form from Sarah last night, I can reveal more of the photos I took of her last week. This photo was taken on Centerville Beach, and is a digital double exposure.

Sat, Jul. 14, 2001 - Derek, Lauren & Melody

Derek, Lauren & Melody

Derek and his family, and Melody and her family both arrived in Ferndale yesterday. Today was spent shuttling different combinations of the family members to different areas of Ferndale. Derek and I started our day with an early motorcycle ride that had to be aborted due to low visibility. Riding through an open range area on a motorcycle with only 10 feet of visibility isn't recommended. We then picked up Michael and took the ATV and the dirt bike out to the river. Then into town to meet up with everyone else for a lunch and a trip to the chocolate store. Then it was back home for a meal for Lauren.

Mon, Jul. 16, 2001 - A hard day at the office

A hard day at the office

I had a meeting with a new client today in Whitethorn, which is near Shelter Cove, and about 2 hours away from Ferndale. Since I hadn't been down in that area yet, I decided to make a whole day of it and took the KLR since the client lived at the end of a dirt road. They have a florist and flower farm business so when I get the garden going, I'll have a source for some seeds. After the meeting I went to Shelter Cove. I was expecting a small town filled with old houses but it is really more of a resort community. I think they have a law on the city books that says you must have a "For Sale" sign in front of your house at all times. I haven't heard of any plans for a nuclear reactor being built there, so I really can't explain the abundance of homes for sale. Without exagerating, I would estimate that 75% of the homes I saw were for sale. Doesn't make the town seem very desirable.

After I left Shelter Cove I rode up King Range Road, which was a dirt road that takes you to Honeydew, which is on the Lost Coast loop. Once Derek learns how to ride a dirt bike, I'd like to show him this road. Then it turns back to pavement and I took that back to the Avenue of the Giants. Today's picture was taken just before getting to Honeydew.

Tue, Jul. 24, 2001 - Go West Young Man

Go West Young Man

Has it really been over a week since my last update? Shame on me. Also missed Derek's birthday yesterday. Sorry Derek. But I did correct your HTML so that your Ferndale movie will load. I don't really have any excuses for my absence as I didn't go anywhere. I've just been busy with work and getting some pictures ready to exhibit in the fair.

This last week I've been wondering why are people still using Microsoft's Outlook for their email client? I've received so many copies of the latest virus this week that it must be driving people with PC's crazy. I can just delete the messages and get on with my work since they don't affect Mac's, but this one is starting to annoy me just from the number of copies I've received. It's also interesting to find out who's got your address in their address book. A lot of people I wouldn't have suspected. Then there's a notice about another virus going around attacking web sites that run on Microsoft powered servers. I often wonder if these attacks are written by: 1) Kids with nothing better to do. 2) The companies that sell virus protection software, or 3) People who just really hate Microsoft.

Oh by the way, today's picture is what the western most spot in the contiguous US looks like.

Thu, Jul. 26, 2001 - Takin' Notes

Takin' Notes

Tonight was the first night for Lori performing Tommy with an audience. They have a preview show which is really the last dress rehearsal the night before the grand opening. I didn't go watch it because I was busy working on getting the pictures I took last night added to the Rep's web site. (Yes the rep has a new web site, courtesy of Aesthetic Design) Lori came home reporting that they got a partial standing ovation at the end so she was pretty happy. I'm not sure what a partial standing ovation is. Does that mean only some of the people were standing, or they were only standing on one foot? I am planning on going to the opening tomorrow, so I'll have a full report then.

Editor's note added on the 26th: Opening night for Tommy! In the two days since I saw the last practice, the cast and crew made amazing progress. There were still some funny rough spots, but overall the production was very good. The crowd gave it a standing ovation at the end, and comments were very favorable. Lori can be real proud of her effort. Her husband will learn to shut up and try to be more positive.

Sat, Jul. 28, 2001 - Lori's Favorite

Lori's Favorite

Today was the big Autorama in Fortuna. Main Street was lined with custom and antique cars for blocks, there were more in a shopping center parking lot, and also a park filled with old tractors and engines. Quite a bit more to see than we thought. Lori fell in love with the PT Cruiser than had a cool flame paint job. I've always been threatening to paint flames on one of our vehicles, and she said if I bought her a PT Cruiser I could paint flames on it. I'm going to hold her to it. We're still waiting for the convertible version though, and given how little we drive up here, it's going to be along time before we wear out the Del Sol.

My favorite vehicle was a miniature Kenworth diesel truck that had a pickup bed on the back. It was either a small 18 wheeler, are a large pickup, I'm not sure. But it was pretty cool. There was also a beautiful full size 18 wheeler that a father restored and customized. The rig belonged to his son who was tragically killed by a gunman. So his father finished customizing the rig in honor of his son. There is a mural of his son and grandson on the back of it, and he is saving the rig for when his grandson is old enough to drive it. It was a very touching tribute to a lost son.

Sun, Jul. 29, 2001 - What cats do when they're bored

What cats do when they're bored

Wow! I got to see Lori all day today. No rehearsal, no show, how nice! We slept in, she made me a nice breakfast, and then I worked for a bit. While I was working, Ricky decided to play a game of scrabble, but he couldn't get any of the other cats interested, so he decided to build a fort instead. Later we went to look at Abigail's Elegant Victorian Mansion. The innkeeper had contacted me regarding the VPA website, and didn't realize we were local. I'm hoping to use their house for some photoshoots in the near future. They'll be able to use the photos on their web site and I get a great location.

After our short Eureka excursion we came home and watched movies. It was nice having Lori back.