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February 2001

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Mon, Feb. 5, 2001 - Blast from the past

Blast from the past

Scanning some slides of mine, I came across this photo of Derek and Linda paddling around some lake while we were all camping with Grandma and Grandpa.

Tue, Feb. 6, 2001 - The Majestic - phase 1

The Majestic - phase 1

The construction crews for The Majestic started working on the sets. The city parking lot is going to be used to build the theater that plays a pivotal role in the movie. Telephone poles were driven into the ground, and then the shell of the building will be attached to those.

Wed, Feb. 7, 2001 - Weird Old Fred

Weird Old Fred

Fred has always had different phases of weird habits. His latest phase is that every morning after Lori or I take a shower, he comes over and licks up the water in the shower door rail. I'm not sure why this water tastes better than the water in his bowl, but he must be getting something from it.

Thu, Feb. 8, 2001 - Introducing the Lakota

Introducing the Lakota

Took my new toy out to the riverbar to play.

Fri, Feb. 9, 2001 - Town Hall - phase 1

Town Hall - phase 1

They started working on the Town Hall building, which is being built on top of the U.S. Bank. Similar to what they're doing for the Majestic, telephone poles were driven into the ground and then the rest of the building will be attached to those.

Sat, Feb. 10, 2001 - The Majestic - phase2

The Majestic  - phase2

Work continues on the Majestic, the movie theatre being built in town for the movie of the same name. Here they were pouring concrete to redo the sidewalks since they had to get rid of the driveways from the parking lot that used to occupy the space. Let's see, wet cement in front of a theater... should I put my hand prints in it?

Sun, Feb. 11, 2001 - Our uninvited guests

Our uninvited guests

Went for a short motorcycle ride today, couldn't have been gone for more than 10 minutes. I come back and find the gate to our property is shut which is weird because we always leave it open. Is Lori trying to tell me something? Then I see her running around the yard, waving at me and then she starts pointing to a couple of cows. I'm thinking, that's weird I've only been away ten minutes and Lori has picked up a new hobby of rustling cattle. So I went down to the neighbors to see if the cows might belong to them but their cows wear yellow tags, and our intruders had fashionable blue and green tags. He does offer to come over and help us locate the owners, which we did, and then we hearded them back to their appropriate corral. Unfortunately not before they ran through the rose bed several times and chewed up the lawn pretty good. And that was only two cows! I guess we'll start keeping the gate closed now.

Mon, Feb. 12, 2001 - Theresa


Since Lori is out of work she's been missing having people to talk to all day. So we hired a maid, and her name is Theresa. Unfortunately, she doesn't do much work around here, but Lori is having fun having a full size doll to dress up.

(My apologies to John, who I think was expecting something more exciting than this.)

Tue, Feb. 13, 2001 - Driving the cats crazy

Driving the cats crazy

Today's picture was actually taken Sunday, before the cows invaded our garden. That was the big news event of the day, so the smaller stories got pushed back to a slow news day, like today. This flock of birds came in and displaced the usual flock of robins that inhabits our front lawn. Where as the robins can be seen yanking huge worms out of the ground, these smaller birds pecked at something smaller. They were quite busy for most of the day and the poor robins just sat on the sidelines and waited for them to leave. I'm not sure if these birds were just migrating through or what. Then yesterday we saw another bird we've never seen, we've identified it as the little bird with the red head. Maybe we should get a bird book. Ack! We've become bird watchers. Next thing you know we'll be driving around the country in a motorhome with a log book. Or we could just go to Reno on a tour bus.

Ferndale weather report: Sunny days with clear, freeze your butt off nights. I got up before dawn to take some pictures this morning and it was 29 degrees. Ok, so the Seattle contingent is laughing, but that is cold enough to make me think twice about this photography hobby of mine.

Wed, Feb. 14, 2001 - How to lower your energy costs

How to lower your energy costs

Spent part of the day riding around Ferndale taking pictures for the Victorian Inn's web site which is getting a major update. Lot's of pictures of Victorian homes and the businesses on Main Street.

Thu, Feb. 15, 2001 - Town Hall - phase2

Town Hall - phase2

Thursday is the day that the Ferndale newspaper comes out. I always look forward to reading the police report. The last two weeks they didn't have it for some reason, but this week they did. At some point I'll set up a page that has some of the funniest entries from the log, but here's a sample from this week's Ferndale Enterprise:

Feb. 8: In the 100 block of Shaw a driver was stopped after an officer observed suspicious behavior and erratic driving patterns. The driver was lost and reading directions while driving. The officer provided directions and the motorist was sent on his way.

Sun, Feb. 18, 2001 - Firemen's Games

Firemen's Games

Saturday morning Lori and I had our ATV safety class out at the Samoa dunes. It was pouring rain but they said rain or shine. We enjoyed the class even with the rain. The dunes provided a very different riding environment from the local river bar. Sorry no pictures, but like I said, it was pouring rain.

.Today Ferndale had their annual Firemen's Games. This is an event just for the Ferndale Volunteer Fire Department. The four different companies compete in different events. The event pictured was a timed event. A team of firemen would line up and with the wave of a flag they ran down main street, assembling four hose sections. Then one would run back to the truck, one would man a Y-valve that split the main hose into two smaller hoses, and then the two remaining guys would have to attach nozzles to each of their hoses. When all was ready they would turn the water on and then the two guys at the nozzle end each had to knock a duck decoy off of their water barrel. It was pretty funny to watch as sometimes the hoses would kick back so violently when the pressure was turned on that the guys would end up on their butts. Some of the teams looked a lot more skilled at duck hunting than others, I wonder if you get your choice when you call the department in an emergency.

After that I took the KLR for a ride over the Lost Coast loop. I found that riding it almost non-stop (stopped once for the picture) I could cover the loop in just over two hours. It is definitely a KLR road as it has a few sections of gravel and it is very bumpy and twisty.

Mon, Feb. 19, 2001 - Still some snow left

Still some snow left

This is from yesterday's ride doing the Lost Coast Loop. At the top of Monument there was still a bit of snow left from last week's storm.

Wed, Feb. 21, 2001 - Where's the gold?

Where's the gold?

Today Lori and I have stepped into the Twilight Zone. I'm not sure what to make of this, but the story I am going to relate is true. Last night I had the sense that a cat was walking on our bed. I was sleepy enough that I didn't fully wake up but I was able to remember that all the cats were locked on the back porch for the night. I attributed the movement to Lori and went back to sleep, even though it really felt like something walking over my legs. Something about the weight of a cat ( a feeling I was quite used to before they started abusing the privilege of sleeping with us).

By morning I had completely forgot about it, but the first thing Lori says to me this morning was: "I had the weirdest dream last night and it seemed so real. I dreamed that there was a cat walking across my pillow. I thought it woke me up but I know I must of only been dreaming." Now unless Derek & Jasna drove up here and ditched their cats on us, we only have four cats, and that's exactly how many were on the back porch this morning when I let them out.

Sun, Feb. 25, 2001 - View from Russ Park

View from Russ Park

I have't had very many pictures lately because it's been raining most of the week. Our string of excellent weather finally came to an end. The good news is that even with a week of rain, the creek never rose above the halfway point, and as soon as it stops raining it goes back down quickly. Today we got a little break in the weather so after I finished exploring the underside of our house (had to run a new phone line) Lori and I went and explored Russ Park. This is the park that occupies the hills just south of our house. In today's picture our house is just outside the picture, on the right. You can see the Gingerbread Mansion on the left. (the big orange house) The hike throught the park was very enjoyable, with great views of the Ferndale and the valleys on the other side of the ridge. We seemed to have the park all to ourselves today.

Mon, Feb. 26, 2001 - Horse and Pond

Horse and Pond

Well the sun came out today for the first time in over a week, and not a cloud was seen. This called for a motorcycle ride at lunch time that somehow stretched into mid afternoon. I'm determined to see what is at the end of every road around here and it's never a disappointment. Today I picked a few roads that I hadn't been on and then I went south to ride Avenue of the Giants. Today's picture of the horse was taken in this area. In case you haven't noticed, the Ferndale page is active now.