So here it is, 7:52 in the morning at our campsite, and I’m logged on to the Internet. Trying to get this posted before my laptop runs out of juice because we used it to watch Long Way Down last night.

This is day one of our Memorial Day trip and I’m using this as a test of being able to play and work. Not that I’m doing any work but the concept will be liberating in the future.

Last night we heard a tom turkey gobbling his head off. Fortunately he went to sleep about the same time we did.

I really need to make a checklist for camping. Between Blake and I myself we forgot a few things that would have been helpful. As soon as I got to the camp I was reminded that bug spray is a good thing to have while camping. Fortunately when Blake arrived an hour later, he had some. Between us we have most of what we need, and we can pick up the rest along the way.